Maiden hell cover by henning

Maiden hell cover

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Added: Mar 07, 2005
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This is the cover art for the sequel of a modern vampire-ish comic book for a small publisher named Harmon comics. I agreed to do it because I wanted to try a slightly different style with more stronger colours, and a more of a cartoon look to it. The girls outfit, her sword and the mask are all based on elements that are in the comic. Thanks (again) to my lovely girlfriend, Natascha, who posed for me. The original painting was made in the resolution of 3333 x 5000 pixels. The denim pants was suprisingly fun to paint Smile
Painted during 3-4 evenings using Photoshop with a tablet.

You can see the process of making this painting here:

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jeans look good... everything else looks too digital and fake...

henning's picture

Haha! Really? This is my girlfriend posing for this issue, hehe. -Henning

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Hey thats my wife amy ballard who was the cover girl for the first maiden hell

jsun's picture

All your work is stunning Henning but I had to leave the comment on this one. Extremely well done. AND I'd just like to add that you're lucky your girlf

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i want to say this is one of the finest art i have never seen in my life.If i was the judge of the art contest i will rate this piece one of the finest on the earth.I want to thank you for this wonderful thing MR ARTIST

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Not since Boris have I seen women so tastefully done. We need more artists like you, ones that show you can be sexy without being slutty.

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Good job on the anatomy.

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the sword looks like plastic........J:
Well it does!

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Love it!

henning's picture

Thanks for your comment, Marley Smile
I have to add that the jeans doesn´t look this good in the high res version, it´s quite rough. Scaling it down makes it look alot better than it actually is, hehe... Wink

somerset's picture

Well the comic-book will rapidly shift of the shelves with the help of this Stunning painting alone! Henning, top notch work, my friend, your details and textures are quite superb and your colours are simply WOW!

thrax-1's picture

Neat colours henning, allround!. I quite like the rather Jackal like mask in the background. I hope you won't take offence to this but i think its natascha's jeans which steal the show here. They are quite convincing!. All the creases and folds through to the texture and colour,,well it's like looking at a pair of jeans really XD ahaha. And painted in a quick amount of time too!. Great work henning

henning's picture

Hehe, really? Thanks alot. A different style than I am used to, and slightly more cheesy even than my other paintings, but that is what I like doing Smile

rita's picture

all your work is impressing - but this is the more wonderful!!

Art at its best.