Circumcision by henning


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Added: Jun 03, 2005
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I spent a little more time than usual on this painting. As you might notice by looking at my gallery, I like old-school, cheesy stuff... And here's another one that fits into my collection, hehe... At first I considered giving her a hammer, or a club, but then it might just seem like a mad nurse. By giving her a hairy fantasy sword it suddenly looses all common sense, which I like Smile

Painted during 4 evening using Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. My girlfriend used as reference model.

Close up details here:
Step-by-step process here:

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No, none of your work is cheesy. Ha, if I had talent like yours I'd paint far worse things.

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i really like this XD despite the fact the nurse looks kinda meanlol, looks awesome ^^

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CODE BLUE!!! I'd hate to see the Doctor. Hypocratic oath not applicable.

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I dont know about you Julia, but I have never pictured a nurse with a gigantic sword looking at me with death in her eyes, just a thought...

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Hehehe, great work, she is going to cut your little friends into pieces Tongue

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Oooohhhh... such a delicate tool for an equally delicate procedure...<:)

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Beautiful detail, scary woman!

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i'm afraid. but not as afraid as i'd be if i were a man.... 8-O i have to comment on how real the tiles on the floor look. wonderful work.

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Hahaha YES!

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Oh fantastic, If this is cheesy, It's the best cheesy stuff i've ever seen, I love them!!

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...ok, Henning, I will keep the compliments/innendos to a minimum.....

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Sure not a very practical nurses uniform. I mean those shoes must hurt after an 8 hour shift! Ha, Ha!

Why do I imagine a mob of time traveling vampires taking over the hospital. Question is is she one of them or a hunter?

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Thanks for your comment... Honesty, I don't imagine nurses like this, but I like painting old-school, cheesy paintings, so that is why I do this. As simple as that Smile -Henning

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Oh common .... why does so many people (mens usualy) imagine a nurse like THIS ....I don't like this ...but O.K.
The way you draw the pic is good

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Great pic henning.I like the lightreflections on the tiled floor.Nice colors and her right hand holding the sword looks good.

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Oh my Henning, dont want to get in THIS hospital!

Art at its best.