Bat surf by henning

Bat surf

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Added: Sep 05, 2005
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I know this is a really, really cheesy painting, but I enjoy doing art like this. Painted from scratch using Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

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AWESOME picture!!! I love the rendering and detail and and and..
I, unfortunately, have far too much "real" in me yet and when I see it, can't help but think "how in the world does she stay standing? haven't you ever seen a bat FLY!?"
Then I go back to gawking at the talent .. It's incredible!

sdavis123061's picture

Great painting, and I don't think it's "cheesy" at all. Boris Vallejo, for example, has had an incredible career producing paintings of similar subject type and most fantasy artists (including myself) respect him so why should you be any different? I think it's an excellent painting.

henning's picture

Wow, thanks a lot Uwe! Smile
I don't excuse for making this, I just wanted people to know that I know it is, and that I love making stuff like this, hehe. You will for sure see more like this from me as I am not a huge fan of the modern style fantasy things, I tend to fall back to my roots Smile -Henning

j-art's picture

Hi Henning, well this is the kind of stuff that inspired me to do fantasy art myself, well I think it is the kind of fantasy art that inspired most of us. The strange thing is now if we do pictures like that ourselves we always somehow feel to excuse for that. But there is no reason for excuse – hell this is GREAT fantasy art, it is NOT cheesy – I LOVE IT!!! And if every one today just would do “modern” fantasy art – well it would be too sad if there would be no pieces like that any longer. And same as you – I love to see stuff like that, AND I love to paint stuff like that – cheesy or not, I don’t care – I am just happy that someone with your skills does paintings like that too, so the quality for this kind of fantasy art is ensured in future Smile.
Thanks for doing and posting this – it’s a real pleasure to look at, I just hope there will be many more like this from you Wink

mattbradbury's picture

Really nice work Henning, I just can't get enough of this sort of thing. Please, never stop!

thrax-1's picture

It's technically one of your best i think, certainly my favourite. Great detail for the bat's wing!, those teeny veins in there make it look really fleshy!. Looks fantastic!.

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really good. looks almost like oil

rita's picture

Henning, must be real fun to have this ride Wink

Art at its best.