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They cruised through a rushing, aqueous realm. Their neighbours included erythrocytes, lymphocytes, platelets and a myriad of others. They were antibodies, a trio of immunoglobulin proteins invisible to the naked eye. As they cruised, they talked. Usually, they talked about antigens, an obsession all antibodies shared. They prowled in search of bacteria from foreign parts; bacteria from the Outside which displayed unfriendly yet strangely attractive antigens. Each antibody had a pre-selected target, and could be identified from the long polypeptide protruding from its anterior. These determined which bacteria they would target, and provided a means of ready identification amongst those of the same clan. All antibodies were aware that their role was that of a kamikaze spy- seek the enemy, latch onto it, and await the huge predatory phagocytes which would engulf them and their catch. They were disposable, however felt no fear of death. It had always been this way with antibodies.
The darkness of the bloodstream was punctuated by a scintillating light, diffuse at first, though growing stronger. They were very near the Surface now and it was here that the rumour had begun.
The erythrocytes were ephemeral beings which thrived on gossip. The newest tidbit in circulation was that some of them (invariably the "friend of a friend") had seen the "face of God". They claimed that the heavens had split and they had answered the summons, pushing past the crowding platelets as they made their way to the surface. Unfortunately, the cells spilt from this wound had perished before they could relay many details. The stories claimed that a giant face had peered down from the sky, apparently holding an expression of some pain. Funny, the red blood cells had always thought their Maker would be more pleased to see them.
Remembering this story, the antibodies rolled their electrons in bored disbelief. You couldn't trust what the erythrocytes claimed- they didn't even have nuclei! Their thoughts turned instead to the strengthening light. Flowing near the Surface was a real treat. Outside their vessel, collagen trees towered, thread-like canopies shrouded in a choking haze, bridges linking trees across endless gaps. Here, other antibodies swam past in a brisk, business-like fashion. The red blood cells that were not gossiping delivered oxygen to the efficient factories nearby, kindly assisting in the removal of sewage as they progressed. Elsewhere, the massive tentacled bulk of a killer cell loomed, and the antibody trio stared at it in fascination. Although they would revisit the Surface many times in their search for the enemy, the antibodies always enjoyed the occasion thoroughly. This time, as with all the other times, the light passed too quickly; their reverie short-lived as they were swept onwards by the distant arterial pulse.

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Guest's picture

this reminds me of star wars. realy cool.^^

donnaquinn's picture

Thankyou very much Allison for all your comments. I'm really glad you enjoyed the concept! Laughing out loud

liquiddark's picture

I love this one so much! The story behind the image is brilliant, and the atmosphere and colors in the picture are captivating. The lighting and the tree-like structures are ridiculously cool.

donnaquinn's picture

Thanks so much for the comment- I wish you best of luck with your exam!

pennywise's picture

Heehee, this is brilliant! Laughing out loud
I've been roaming around your gallery, and I'm thoroughly enjoying your pictures and the accompanying stories. Your immagination is truly unique - and entertaining!
This one really had me giggling and clapping my hands in glee! I'm studying for an exam in immunology at the moment, so this was just spot on Laughing out loud
And it's beautifully executed of course; the lighting and the colours are perfect!

donnaquinn's picture

Hey there,
Thanks heaps for the comment. I've got a few more micro-ideas tucked up my capillaries. Wink

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it is one of the best and more literary ideas I've seen so far on this site. Beautiful, inteligent and funny.
More Please!

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Ha, Ha. I love your description of cellular social life, especially the description of a killer cell.

Art at its best.