Mechanoid Armadillos by donnaquinn

Mechanoid Armadillos

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Added: Sep 27, 2005
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A mother Mechanoid Armadillo led her waddling brood across the intensely hot desert floor, pausing to check their progress every so often. The young were more spherical in shape than their mother- the typical Mechanoid Armadillo only "bottomed out" (as it had been termed by scientists) once they reached middle age.
One of the juveniles stopped to graze, and its mother frowned until it moved on. The young were feeding on solids, and would not be fully weaned onto their adult liquid diet of ethanol for several months. Ethanol pumps were few and far between, and staffed at often irregular and unpredictable hours. Mechanoid Armadillos told campfire horror stories of a desperately empty armadillo, that with sheer relief chanced upon an ethanol station in the desert, only to find it closed because of a public holiday. The armadillo expired on the spot; whether from frustration or starvation, it was uncertain.
With this in mind, now and then the mother armadillo would cast her eye towards her fuel gauge, reassuring herself that she had plenty in reserve before shuffling off again.

Acrylic and pastel on illustration board; 15.5 x 35 cm.

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this is SO COOL!

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Thankyou very much Wendy. Smile

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Hey Donna,

I really like this pic...I think you did a wonderful job on your mechanoid armadillos and the backstory really brought them to life!

Congrats on a well-deserved Editor's Choice!

*smiles* Wendy

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Thankyou so much Socar; I'm glad you found it amusing! Laughing out loud

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Thankyou very much Pierre, I appreciate the comment. Smile

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Wow, thankyou so much for the lovely comment Kirsi! I'm really happy you liked it. Smile

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Oh yeah =D! This really made me catch my breath! What a gorgeus concept and so beautifully painted Smile Congratulations!!

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A well-deserved Editor's Pick. Congratulations.

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Oh, gracious, that's hilarious! Very nicely painted, as well. But it's the concept behind it that makes this a winner. It's wonderful.

Art at its best.