Sue's Day at the Races by donnaquinn

Sue's Day at the Races

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Added: Oct 10, 2005
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The Tyrannosaurus rex Sue was a cultured reptile who enjoyed a day at the Struthiomimus races as much as the next dinosaur. In the vast majority of cases, predator and prey alike forgot their differences and mingled harmoniously for the spectacle. For Ladies Day, Sue often made a special effort with the ensemble you see here.
However, Sue had an awful secret that she was at pains to keep. After the races were over for the day, Sue by then had witnessed enough delicious herbivore flesh galloping past her that she couldn't bear it. When she thought no-one was watching, she'd duck over to the warm-up yards and pick off a few- racers, strappers, trainers. After every race meet, Sue would return home vowing never to resort to that despicable behaviour again. Her will power was a continued source of disappointment to her though.
As Sue weighed over six tonnes, her sneaking skills were less than average, and all the staff knew of her habit. But what you think about, and what you actually say, to a grown T. rex are two completely different things. Racing officials could only hope to keep Sue placated for fears that her attacks would extend to the audience in the stands, a situation they didn't think their insurance would cover. Instead, Sue received free champers at every Spring carnival, and a choice trackside spot in which to plonk her generous derrière.
25 x 10.5 cm

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LOVE the little creature jumping for the spilled champaign. Cute idea and great story.

Art at its best.