Groove Injector and Bluff Pig by donnaquinn

Groove Injector and Bluff Pig

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Added: Dec 02, 2005
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Fierce gamma irradiation spread like a canker over the land of Bifrost, irrevocably altering those who dwelled within and endowing them with super powers. Confusion ensued as the Bifrosties argued over whether to use their powers for good or evil, and they quickly split into opposing factions of heroes and villains.
One such Bifrostie allied to the heroes was the Groove Injector, blessed with an incredible musical ear after her exposure to radiation. She used her powers to inject a double dose of groove and swing into tired, lacklustre bass lines. Music all over Bifrost was improved and the heroes finally had a decent theme song, the villains languishing with their corny tune.
The Injector took the threat of the villains very seriously. Her spare time was dedicated to researching the mythical "Brown Note", a subsonic frequency that, if played, caused those in range to lose bowel control. She could imagine the potential of using this to embarrass the enemy; unfortunately, she suspected it was beyond the range of even heavily detuned 5 or 6-string basses but stubbornly refused to change instruments.
Tuffy, the guinea pig sidekick of the Groove Injector, often sat near his mistress as she composed. A beloved, albeit irradiated pet, his power is bluff. His cute, benign appearance instills fear into enemies as they speculate as to what his super secret ultra-destructive powers could be. Rather than find out, they quickly surrender or flee, allowing the Bluff Pig to win by default. By day, Tuffy earns his keep as a professional poker player.
Acrylic on illustration board, 40.5 x 30.5 cm.
This was painted for one of the bimonthly art/ writing themed projects of "Bifrost", an Elfwood-based club/ group.

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i love this its so imaginative, there is such a feel to the image, it even brings up memories for some reason...

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Donna, this is so WONDERFUL - all those little details... GREAT WORK!!!

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Your choice of color is wonderful, the detail amazing and your imagination far off scale! Enjoy viewing your works!

Art at its best.