How to Liven Up a Stir-Fry by donnaquinn

How to Liven Up a Stir-Fry

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Added: Jan 17, 2006
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The fact that fairies are irritating, pesky little twerps is a no-brainer. Every self-respecting ogre knows that. However, that they are quite a delicacy is less widely realised, and ogres will beam with delight when informed, slobbering as they dream about culling the buggers. Here's an old ogre recipe.

Step 1: Remove wings. Reserve for garnish.
Step 2: Shake vigorously to loosen excess fairydust*.
Step 3: Slice, dice or pulverise. Whatever tickles your fancy.
Step 4: Add to stir-fry, cook and enjoy!

* Fairydust is a known carcinogen, also provoking extreme reactions in those with allergies. Symptoms include hiccupping on Tuesdays, a craving for stamp collecting and (for male ogres) impromptu wearing of women's undergarments.

Acrylic on illustration board, 21 x 40.5 cm.

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liquiddark's picture

Hahaha, I love the environment in this one. Beautiful work!

Guest's picture

I love the stories that go with your beautiful colorful hilarious paintings. I cant help but smile. Fabulous. ~Sarah~

donnaquinn's picture

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the pic and story. I'm just surprised they thought I was a male.

donnaquinn's picture

Smile Thankyou Uwe.

donnaquinn's picture

Laughing out loud Thanks Pierre!

Guest's picture

Regarding the comment about pathetic and roast in hell...

Donna, if it weren't for free speech that person would have no speech at all. America will protect his/her right to say whatever he/she wants because that's what we do. So be it. That the comment was totally inappropriate is, I suppose, beside the point.

Love the image and the story. Delightful!

rita's picture

You have so much imagination Smile !!! Love it

Guest's picture

You sir, are an ass. Rot in hell, Faggot.

j-art's picture

:-)- just wonderful

carles's picture

A nice piece with a hilarious story ! Smile

Art at its best.