Defying Newton by donnaquinn

Defying Newton

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Added: Jan 27, 2006
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There once was an person named Donna who painted a strange little monster. When it was finished, she looked at its pathetically small wings.
"Oh dear," she said, "this unfortunate creature will never fly."
"Sure I can!" piped the brave little monster. Opening its wings, it flapped them to no avail. After a short breather, it tried again. And again. "What's wrong?" it demanded in a tiny voice.
"Your wings. I'm sorry, I painted them too small for your body," Donna said.
The monster glared at the thoughtless artist. "Well, that was a rotten thing to do, wasn't it! Is this some kind of joke?"
Donna mulled it over. "I'll just put you in a alternate world with little gravity. You'll be able to fly there."
"What? Can't you just make my wings bigger?" The monster continued complaining and hurling insults for some time. Eventually, it started floating. "Hey! I'm flying. It worked!" Smiling, it dipped and soared and banked and twirled... and smacked straight into an apple. "What the?" It stared at the sky which was littered with apples. "This _is_ a joke. You really are a sicko."
"This world defies Newton's law of gravity. Apples don't fall from trees here, so they float about." Donna said. "I've painted some worms to eat the apples; hopefully they'll take care of it."
"Fabulous," the monster snapped, its voice charged with sarcasm. It jotted down a mental note to remove Donna from its Christmas card list as it fluttered off, dodging fruit all the while.

Acrylic on illustration board, 45.5 x 38 cm.

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Heehee, brilliant!! Laughing out loud

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Dam that´s awsome!!! Very funny Smile

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Now, THAT was a great story ! Smile A great story for a great piece.

Art at its best.