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Added: Sep 21, 2006
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Two cardinal rules exist for all kids: i) don't eat caterpillars and ii) don't touch a hot stove. As with all children, the first was usually broken as soon as mobility was achieved, the second, eventually. In Jimmy's case, the first taboo had been broken a long time ago, but the only real side effect was that his taste buds complained for about a week, and Jimmy's baby teeth prayed for the day when they would be shed. Nevertheless, Jimmy's various internal organs and cells had fervently hoped that Jimmy might just be special, that he was a rare child who had enough sense not to touch a burning red stovetop. Their hopes were dashed as the little brat reached out a chubby finger one day and broke the second rule. Didn't he know it created more work for them? They already had enough to do just running the joint without the kid being stupid on top of it!
So now the excited, stressed out sensory neuron in Jimmy's arm got to work. Neuron 734D6Y000a rushed its impulse along the axon, scattering sodium ions like pathetic plebeians. After what seemed like an eternity to the neuron relaying information along the indescribable length of Jimmy's arm, the message reached the spine: "Jimmy... burnt finger... pass it on". Now it was up to the white-collar proton-pushers at the central nervous system to kick-start more events that would ultimately lead to Jimmy bursting into tears.

Coloured pencil, pastel and acrylic on toned paper, computer-enhanced, 21 x 29 cm.

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liquiddark's picture

That's a hilarious concept; your writing is as fun to read as your images are to look at!

Guest's picture

Awesome! I especially love he background

lycidas's picture

Your Gallery is very awesome.Crazy Creatures!I like your style and i hope i see more pics from you.^_^

rita's picture

As usual, Donna, just great!

faerywitch's picture

As Usual, Donna, you are great! Your arte is wonderful! and the nerd in me loved the story!

urizen's picture

Great colours and I love the composition, awesome stuff:)

nbertran's picture


Art at its best.