Night Evil by zandman

Night Evil

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 19, 2004
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A hybrid piece if there ever was one. Started out as an abstract mass of colors on thick paper, then I enhanced shapes that I liked. After that, scanning time, then further tweaking in Photoshop, filtering, tweaking, filtering... and ta-daaaah!

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If your still thinking of changing this piece, don't. I think the ambiguity of perspective gives this picture it's hypnotic attraction. If we're looking down into water, it's a clever shift in perspective. If we're looking up into the sky, then leaving out the horizon makes you feel like you're floating in the clouds. Very cool.

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that thing looks to me like its coming from the sky but if you look closely there are ripples thats why some people see it as water

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Thanks for commenting! No, I didn't mean for anyhing at all, really. This is just a particular method of work where I create something abstract first and THEN try to spot a motive inside that mess. This time I saw something like this image - and I obviously failed a little when it came to making that image real; the warrior's supposed to be standing in the grass while this... THING approaches him by air. I see that the previous commenter got a little confused too - maybe I should work on my

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I like your work, its ingenious.
its like the man is looking down into the sea and a big spider is swimming up.
What did you mean for it, was it anything in particular?
I like it very much, if only i could do things like that............

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On first sight I had the impression of looking down from a high place over a cliff into the sea (although the colors are not right), but I think you meant it to be sky, don't you? Well, it catches the viewer's attention! Creepy beast, too.

Art at its best.