Praey by kayne


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Added: Oct 21, 2004
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For this picture I wanted to see how far I could take this kind of image. I wanted it to be unusual, creepy, but still have some kind of grace, and perhaps most importantly retain an ambiguous quality that I like to have in my artwork. Often, I have dual (light/dark etc) symbols in my pictures. For this one, I decided to try to mash them together in one image. So, while the picture is primarily horror, hopefully I have achieved a unique effect by combining both sharp and curved geometry, and hard and soft images (such as the shark teeth and lily petals). The tital is a combination of the words 'pray' and 'prey'.

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I think you acheaved your goal rather well. The "praying mantis" while alein and unknown(evil) still bears a resemblance to the real mantis, which strikes me as graceful and sleek.
The bowl seems to me as though it could be an alter or perhaps something that the beast is trying to protect(hence the blood).
Even th colors can depict good and evil(white and black) while the blending adds grace. Besides, I'm partial to the color style(black and white with red for detail) since that is how I prefer to work.

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u have added beautiful color's a great background and color! but as well as the creature goes it just looks to simple! there isn't really much to look at here just a lot of teeth very this may sound confuseing its creative but then not creative!

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Grace and evil are not mutually exclusive. The image definitely has a certain poise to it. It seems almost like a shrine or altar made of teeth rather than a creature. Unusual serenity for something so pointy.

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i dont think u achieved grace in this piece at all, i think its more evil that you've accomplished than anything!
It says to me that evil overcomes anything.
I still like it though, the sharpness in it stands out from anything i've ever seen

Art at its best.