Swordmaiden by rozmere


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Added: Oct 20, 2004
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noce job

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It's true, the neck doesn't sit right, but it's beautifully done! You can see the amount of time and energy you must have put into the piece. The shading is gorgeous!

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She is Eowyn, The White Lady of Rohan

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i really like it. i love a women with a sword

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Enjoyed the braided hair !! Hard to grasp if not good at it..The sward is new not worn so she is new to battle ? ENJOYED THE art.....Wolfsden

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I love your use of shading, and the design of the sword hilt. There are some minor problems with the figure itself - on the uprised hand (her right) the wrist appears hyper extended because of the positioning of the forearm; on the forearm itself, you've lost believability because if you follow the top line, it looks like you've removed a portion of the crook of the arm. (dang, I wish I had a better way to explain it.)

Also, the position of the neck looks akward, like it's been pushed backwards without being attatched to the chest. This could probably be corrected by changing the line of the neck itself from a vertical line, to one that's angled (the origin would be from the inside of the collar bones - remember, there's a muscle/tendon there that goes from the clavical notch to behind the ear! Well. one on each side.)


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Excellent, one of my favorite of his works.

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Very nice drawing. I like your attention to detail, as well as modeling of form. The raised hand is excellently and confidently drawn, with an accurate turn at the wrist. I'd enjoy seeing more of your work.

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I want to see more dont you ?

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Dude the balance on the blade is perfect and your art is always Awsome. . . .

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real good work one of his best pics almost life like

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Beautiful composition! The way you shaded your pencils to give this piece a metallic shine is lovely!

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Very nicely done. The maiden is lovely and looks very life like. The only thing is with the hilt being as long as it shouldn't the blade be longer.

Art at its best.