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Added: Feb 20, 2006
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My attempt for the Artist Emulation Challenge over at Freelancers Club. The artist I aimed to emulate was the bird, animal, and nature artist Peter Parnall. You may recognize his work from such books as The Daywatchers and Hawk, I'm Your Brother. His work is very unique, combining painstaking detail with vast areas of undetailed space. His raptors are, in a word, spiritual. He once stated, "I try to get the essence of the animal." I aimed also, to get the essence of the falcon, putting detail only in certain areas. Faithful to his media, I also used exclusively pen and ink.

I feel I actually put a little bit too much detail, but alas, this is only my second time trying my hand at emulating an artist's style. I like this piece in itself, even if it wasn't completely successful in its purpose of emulation. As you can see, the subject matter itself is something I took liberties with - the Celtic knot circlet around its neck, the metal 'bracelets' around its legs - I made this more of a fantasy piece than anything, but many of Parnall's works incorporate Native American aspects, giving the birds a more mysterious feel. My work merely takes the falcon from old America to old Ireland.

The actual title is Fabhcún, which in Irish means 'falcon.'

Pen and ink, A4 paper.

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Thank you! Usually I'm not very good with inks, but falcons in any medium come more easily to me.

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Striking control you have with inks, the details are astonishing.

Art at its best.