She Was Mortified by mcmatz

She Was Mortified

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Added: Dec 06, 2006
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As the decapitated head of an aristocrat falls from her executioner's grasp, her final thought is that she is mortified that her head has slipped its wig.

She doesn't understand why any of this happened. Born to the Second Estate, she has no idea of the plight of the common man. She has never had to encounter or deal with any of their problems. She only lived the life she was born to and followed its rules and traditions, marrying and raising her children.
She was mindless and now she is headless, as well.

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Too bad we cant do that kind of stuff with our leadership now a days. They'd certainly respect us more.

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I really enjoyed the idea of this. I think I read somewhere that a severed head would blink sometimes before the brain died from oxygen starvation. Makes you wonder what thoughts would be going on inside that head! So you could be right!

Art at its best.