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Added: Aug 22, 2007
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Huh... I imagined it kainda differently... but oh well...

I have nothing against deer... but a dragon's got to eat too you know... ANd as many pics of dragons as I have seen, I never really saw a good hunting scene... always the dragon eating humans or horses or whatever... so I made this in an atempt to show a dragon in nature... rather then in combat... ( I know that makes no sence what so ever... but I am tired any my mind isn't working properly right now )...

Dragons hunt either by swooping down on unsuspecting pray and cary it off to kill and eat it ( or eat it alive... depends on each dragon really ) somewere elce or take it high up and drop it to kill it if it's prooving too difficult to cary... OR they stand hidden and wait to ambush pray as it passes by... wich is the case here...

Now a dragon isn't build for land speed... and if his pray can outmanuver him at first, then it can outrun him easely...

In this particular case however, the dragon will get lucky as the deer will trip and fall, thouse prooving to be an easy catch for him... and so he will be able to fill his belly...

As always, the dragon is Draghi, from my story...

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Wonderful movement. I really like it.

Art at its best.