Persephone Leaving by aneley

Persephone Leaving

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Added: Mar 04, 2005
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Inspired by the old greek legend of Persephone.

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lazar's picture

nice choice of colors for the skin except in the leg(its looking little death)and don't be afraid of overlaying textures on stones, the lizard

Guest's picture

I downloaded photoshop brush which you all made.(moon, coffee stain, etc.)
Keep work!

forestrogers's picture

Wonderful piece.. great subject! I love the bird and lizard...

Guest's picture

You can tell she is preoccupied with something, its brilliant shes going to have to decide soon.

Guest's picture

Awesome art

Guest's picture

Sensual and Peacefull. Lovely painting and i like the colors and lighting. Well done Jelena.

Guest's picture

lipa ti je, samo totalno se kuzi sta je prvi plan, a sta pozadina. i prostor djeluje neplasticno, nema detalja (trava npr). ali super mi je suton na koži:o) to si bas lipo docarala. ima stvari koje mi se svidaju na ovom siteu, ali ne kuzim, sta ti radis- slikas pa scaniras pa doradujes ili je ovo sve nastalo na compu ili.. ma kako vi to? zbunj, zbunj

Guest's picture

nice work...i have a site dedicated to this kind of art and i'd be honoured to have some of your creations on my site..
visit: thanks!

bladerunner's picture

the soft tones and beautiful skin is really a great reflection of your talent. hope to see alot more!

Guest's picture

I love the colors of this picture. It all fits toghether in a kind of super-natural way.

Guest's picture

Can you paint in non-digital media as well?

Guest's picture

I like her face structure very acurate to a greek women now and days. Nice detials to her then the background Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

super djelo mozda malo praznine u pozadini al sve u svemu dobro slozene boje sve naj...

vision's picture

I like those tones You used here, Jelena. Very nice painting, but might use some more details in some places.

Guest's picture

Very good piece, had it been done in rennacanse florence, it would have been dubbed a master piece, too bad this age does not recognise such works. Though this would have been better without the lizard to draw your eye away from the piece as a whole.

Guest's picture

Holy freaking wow. Oh, how I envy your overwhelming talent.

Guest's picture

I love the hues and tones and blending and everything about this piece. However or whatever you did and used to colour this thing...bravo..'Tis amazing! Two thumbs up! =P

me-chan's picture

Wonderful artwork, but it would be much nicer if the shoulder would be rounder.

Guest's picture

very nice magic, cool painterly style, love your work , "carpe diem" !!

Guest's picture

My theory is that an artis's work is based on alot of things. One of which is how one observes the world. I think you must be a fascinating person. Best of wishes to you, and by the way, I think you are very cute.

heikowagner's picture

Nice colours and pose . . .

Guest's picture

hy jelena-->please-MORE!!!!!!! i am waiting..!!!!!

sdavis123061's picture

Very nice Jelena. I love the lighting. Welcome to Epilogue. Smile

Guest's picture

O_o oooh nice!

Art at its best.