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Added: Mar 21, 2005
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Judge as you might by the clothes one wears but the depth of an individual is sometimes suprising

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When I renewed my efforts to paint fantasy it started with a series of painying with questionable titles, as usual I am basicly being a smartass, lettting the stereotypes have a little breathing room. Just put a question mark at the end of the title. As always, you seem to pick up on the oddities, which is flattering because it means you actually look. Yes I have read Hobbs and enjoyed his writing. "Sorcerer" is in the same vein. Thanks.

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I've looked at this one many, many times Micheal, its actually one of my favorites, but I've never quite known what to say, because it says so much on its own.

Not many fools read and those few who do seldom hold the book in such a reverant manner.

Fewer still, hold their own quiet counsel.

Perhaps he is a fool of the calibar in Robin Hobbs story starting with the Assasins Apprentice? He has a mind and a tongue that would blister the paint off a wall.

For you, . . . I'd reconmend the series. It is a dear favorite of mine. From Patter

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Thank you, I'm blushing...

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Thank you is'nt it fun dreaming random stuff up and putting it on paper...

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Another favourite, how do you do it? Great concepts, great compositions. You are deep, love it, love it! Bravo, Michael do keep up the good work.

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Wow, this is really amazing! Love it.

Art at its best.