The Ruin of Rune by mcarnahan

The Ruin of Rune

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 10, 2006
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How come dwarfish castles are always so big, overcompensation maybe? Bookcover for Sphinxbooks.

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Yeah, . . . I think I read that one. Patter

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Oh you got me, every painting I do has a least one(generally more) screw up. The hand was one such moment. The inconguity is delberate, boy from earth is accosted by evil , bad guy types , gets help from mystical good guy types and is transported into wierd other world(I know, sounds familiar but this particular story is a refreshing remodeling of an old theme). And thanks for being honest.

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A lot is going on in the background and I see someone pointing at him in an accusing manner. No wonder he's booking, especially since he looks like he has a target on his tee shirt.. . . The boys attire is incongruous with the atmosphere of the painting, also his hand look a little, . . . odd. What did you have in mind with this creation? Patter

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Now thats a bleepin' compliment! Especially from an artist of your skill, thanks Uwe. I have enjoyed your work since you were finally added to asfa, it has been over a year since I joined asfa and still no addition. Lets hear it for the well-oiled machine we call Epilogue. My webpage is but still no bio, once I have something clever to say I will write it down, holding your breath at this point could lead to loss of life. Thanks again.

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Hell, I just took some time and browsed your gallery, man you are so damn good!! Great stuff al around, sorry I think I didn’t know your stuff before, but this will definitely never happen in future as I found a new favorite artist. Do you have a private homepage, there is no link on your epilogue homepage, so I could learn something more about you? You are a fantastic artist, I really love your stuff, thanks for posting.

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