Biomechanic by gonzalokenny


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Added: Mar 26, 2005
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H.R. Giger inspiration!!!!

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I just wanted to drop in and comment on how nicely done this piece of artwork is. I'm only sixteen, and slowly learning how to draw,but I think you artwork is very nice, and enviable. I love the way you outlined her eyes, nice and dark. =)

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Blech. I can't believe my comment just ended up sawed in half, without so much as a warning on the server's part. In any case... Lovely picture!

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I'm amazed by how well her "robotic" aspects actually contribute to her overall humanity - perhaps it's not so much because of how well they were rendered, but of the exact locations where they were attached: they seem nearly as innocuous as mundane jewelery or clothing, partly due to their own traits, and partly to the places they conceal. The vascular crown might as well serve as a typical tiara, while the sleeve, with its wide dents that suit the girl's anatomy, impresses more by its physique than its inhuman character.

If some lens or opaque scope occluded any of her eyes, I suspect her humane innocence would suffer - though it might equally attract the viewer to her lips and other features, compelling him to envision what her partial mask obscures.

Despite its abundant merits (which I won't even attempt to analyze exhaustively), this portrait also includes a number of irregularities, which might easily leave viewers with a vague sense of unease - a feeling that something's wrong, in other words. Observing her eyes and tiara, one finds their proportions mangled, as one side appears unduly large - the left, in the tiara'

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Wow this is so cool I love the hair but I also think the arm should be the other way but other than that it's awesome

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Pretty and Exciting, beautiful hair.

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[alias: cougar]

Everything is beautiful... but i am most facinated with the hair... how did you get it to look like you drew out each strand?

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Nice to see good colored pencil works buried within the digital stuff.

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Every bit of this portrait is done with such precision, and the idea itself is so creative... Very, very beautiful work. Well done, I truly can't wait for more of your pieces.

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This is beautiful; it's great to see someone using coloured pencils so well.
The 'mechanoid' parts really look great, the way they merge into her skin is beautiful.
I think the arm should be coming from the other way; but over-all a stunning image.

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Gonzalo, your skills with Colored Pencils are amazing. I love her eyes and how you mixed flesh with mechanic is great!

Art at its best.