Adventures in Dinosaur Swamp by scottjohnson

Adventures in Dinosaur Swamp

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 05, 2005
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This is the cover for Rifts: Adventures in Dinosaur Swamp, published by Palladium Books, Inc.

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Guest's picture

Wow...I had Dinosaurs on the brain big time as a kid, and loved Jurassic Park..I was like 12 then. This is awesome!

scottjohnson's picture

Thanks Simon. I'm kind of a detail freak, and I have to try hard not to noodle my pieces so much that they become static.

Guest's picture

Great work all round; detailed without being bitty and co-ordinated whilst still retaining a pleasing colour scheme.

scottjohnson's picture

I don't think too many folks go there for vacation. There would have to be reeaally good security at the resort!

scottjohnson's picture

Wow, that's such a great compliment, thank you very much!

scottjohnson's picture

When I started this piece I knew I wanted a pack of Raptor-like dinosaurs. I had no idea there were so many different types until I started doing research. I learned the famous "Velociraptor" was only about 3 1/2 ft. tall. These large ones are patterned after the "UtahRaptor".

scottjohnson's picture

Thanks for the welcome Matthew, I'll try to keep posting work on a fairly regular basis.

thrax-1's picture

actually matthew, your not the only that feels the need to work harder. Those raptors are excellent, from colour and detail to how they blend with the environment. Top notch work there, a very clean image Laughing out loud.

mattbradbury's picture

Welcome to epilogue Scott- these first images you've posted are really stunning. This one is my personal favourite of the four, such rich colour and the detail is breathtaking. My girlfriend saw this and then told me how much harder I need to work. The thing is I didn't mind because I actually agree with her. I can't wait for your next submissions and I am envious of the talent you possess, truly fantastic work!

rita's picture

Oh my, this looks so cool, you may give me the adress of the Dino Swamp - if my next vacation is too boring *lol*

j-art's picture

Dang - i'm speechless - this is sooooo good - what a joy to look at it - thanks for creating this masterpiece!

Art at its best.