2005 Spider-Man Calendar by scottjohnson

2005 Spider-Man Calendar

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 04, 2005
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This is the cover for the 2005 Spider-Man Calendar.

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scottjohnson's picture

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Guest's picture

Hullo. I'm not one of the artists here or anything, just a random spidey fan chick. Just wanted to say I thought it was really awesome. It reminds me more of Ultimate Spider-man because it's so bright.

scottjohnson's picture

Thank Keri, I love to hear things like that!

soulofafairy's picture

I am sitting here with my two sons and we are going crazy over this piece! All I am hearing from them and myself is WOW! THIS IS SO COOL MOM! LOL! Just thought I would share that with you! Fantastic of course!!! Keri

scottjohnson's picture

Thanks for sharing that, Matthew. My son is also 3, but right now he's more interested in Daddy drawing cars and trucks and trains on his Magna-Doodle. Smile

mattbradbury's picture

I'm writing this for my yougest son Logan, he is 3 and your biggest fan. He now insists on seeing " his Spidermam" every day.

scottjohnson's picture

Hi Ken, I did show a slight depression of the web strands under his fingertips, but maybe its too subtle? I wanted to draw the viewer in with the perspective lines of the web, and I didn't want to disrupt that too much with the weight of his body.

Guest's picture

Whoa, these images are a pretty amazing beginning to Epilogue!

One thing I wonder is if the web would depress at all when weight is applied, or the hand pressing down? A small point.

scottjohnson's picture

Thank you, since its a fairly basic Spidey-pose, I tried for some interesting lighting.

scottjohnson's picture

Thanks, he's my all-time favorite too. Smile

scottjohnson's picture

Thanks Patrick, I appreciate the warm welcome! This was actually a portfolio piece I did back in 2003 and submitted to Marvel on speculation. I've been doing work for thier licensing department ever since.

rita's picture

This is awesome, I like especially how you handled light and shadows!

j-art's picture

Wow! Welcome to Epilogue!! still cant believe how many amazing artist can be found in here - Your ART is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! thanks for creating and posting this wonderful piece of my alltime favourite hero...

megaflow's picture

Welcome to Epilogue Scott - great stuff! I like how you've hit a good medium between the movie and comics versions of the costume here, which I suppose is important for Marvel.

Art at its best.