What Price Victory by scottjohnson

What Price Victory

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 11, 2005
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This is the cover for "What Price Victory", a paperback collection of Warhammer 40k short stories. It also appeared as the "February" artwork for the 2005 Warhammer 40k calendar.

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Nice Aspiring Champion. You can tell his affiliation by his colors, red, gold, and black are the Khornate colors, and World Eaters follow Khorne....so...my guess is he's a World Eater.

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Fantastic! simply put your art is fantastic! its not about all the modern art thats just paint randomly splashed on a bit of paper this is what its about! these are things id like to see in an art gallery! congrats on your fantastic work!

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Hmm, no creature can look more evil and powerful than this. Fantastic work, hats of to you!!!// Dennis

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Great work. Face looks a lot like Deathlok.

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Great Detailing, right down to the blood on the sword and the misty carnage in the background. Looks like a character from one of my son's rpg's.

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Congrats on graduation Erik! Yes, there is a virtual army of NIU grads working in SciFi/Fantasy art and comic books, mostly because of Mark A. Nelson who used to teach there. Its amazing how a good teacher can make such an impact.

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First things first, YEAH MAIDEN!

Besides that, I have been a fan of your work for a while. I just read your bio on your web site and noticed you come from the NIU gang. I'm still shocked at some of the great work I discover is made from past graduates. Three more weeks until graduation for me, then I guess I get fed to the lions? I just thought I'd pop a comment in here and let you know you have been an influence for me.

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Wow, thanks for all the great compliments everyone! I appreciate the wonderful feedback.

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Yes, I scan in my pencil sketch and digitally paint over that.

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Well, I do like Iron Maiden! The resemblance wasn't intentional though.

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This isn't an editors pick o,O?. Scott, Unbelievable. Such colours all over, do you scan pencil sketches in then paint?. This is Fantabulous work!.

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Wow,an awesome piece of art.I like pics including blood skulls weapons monster and a dark atmosphere on a battlefield.
Great . . .
I think he looks like eddie from Iron Maiden.

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wow, this guy really pops!

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I have to echo all the other comments here. This is a great painting. Fantastic work!

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I love warhammer and this is perfect.

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Perfect work, the details are outstanding!

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Scott you are an awesome artist . i didn't know your work before you posted in epilogue Sad - so i'm very thankful that you decided to post your art here Smile - think i found a new favourite artist! this is an unbelievable well done piece - i am totally in awe!

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Scott, another cutie - ha ha ha - well, I like his sword - do you think I have enough power to swing it?

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Very nice! I love the mood and the detail is great...

Art at its best.