Supremacy by kalessaradan


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This is the fifth piece in my Gesture series, a series of works that use imagery of my own hands. I start with a basic concept, one that by definition is concise and easily understood. However, these concepts often are viewed differently by each of us, as our experiences and point of view greatly affect our interpretation and personal meaning of these ideas. From this simple concept, I use the images of hands to build upon the idea and make it my own.

Supremacy represents the prejudice and arrogance that many feel over those different from them. Whether it is race, class, gender, sexual preference, etc., all of these things influence the way that we perceive, react, and treat others. The amusing reality is while one person or group feels supremacy over another, the latter might feel the same over another, and so on, forming a vicious loop.

The piece was inspired by a discussion/argument that a group of us had a few weeks ago. We argued about the fairness of society and government, that our laws forbid overt discrimination, yet it still exists in every facet of society because of people's inherent feelings about those different from themselves. It is not until we confront those prejudices and realize that we are the same and equal, until we will every have true equality. The problem is how to convince people that their prejudice is irrational.

I also considered naming this piece Dominance. While the imagery depicts a physical control, it is not about a physical dominance over others. As a society we have progressed in this area already. Now the problems stem from our mental states and that is what we need to change in order to solve these problems.

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Remind me on a German Band "Schandmaul" Their CD Cover looks the same. But theirs is a photo

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Very good symbolism. I like it!

Art at its best.