Evil Tet: Sold by kileyhannan

Evil Tet: Sold

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 28, 2005
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Here is the story of my comic before I tell you anything else:

The Devil had 7 sons. Tet, the youngest of 1000 years, was the spoiled one because he was the youngest. His brothers didn't like the souls and power their father gave him so the decided to fix him. They told him that he can steal many souls if he infect a certain body. Tet, greedy, agreed and didn't care what body it was. Well, the next thing he knew...he was a teddy bear on a store shop shelf. His brothers laughed at him but they wasn't that cold hearted. He really can steal souls in that body. In fact, that is the only way he can leave that body. He have to kill 100 people to leave the body. Now a little teddy bear can do this by himself can he? That is why they gave him the power turn into a man sized teddy bear and a weird crow. His father won't stop this because he wants to see how his wonder child do. He isn't alone. He is joined by Doctor Taff and his pet croc zombie, Skully who is bother rather stupid. Tet lead them to belive that he kills to keep the world safe from eathquakes -_-.

This one is the cover of another comic coming soon. Tet is finally sold!

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But did your parents hold you to much or not enough when you were growing up.

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OMG i totally love your art. it's really cool!

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Hey, thank you very much. I plan to put more up soon. Smile

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I can't believe I am the first commenting your pics! these are the best comic art I've seen today! great style and great humour.

Art at its best.