Mollusc Tree by keith

Mollusc Tree

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Added: Jun 13, 2005
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This case of sorcerous artifice is one of many of its kind which dot the hills in this area. Originally a byproduct of alchemical study, the mollusc tree is now harvested for both medicinal and culinary applications. A rare mollusc is fished, and immersed in an amniotic solution within the bulb of a specially cultivated tree. The aging process is quite long and the mollusc actually lives in a torpor until its harvesting. Specific parts of the pickled mollusc meat are a much saught after delicacy, and the brine possesses a potent restorative effect when imbibed or applied as a salve. If the proper procedure is not followed, and the bulb split or tapped by a poacher, the mollusc will vicously attack, and soon drown, spoiling its meat.

Animator's blue colerase pencil. Photoshop.

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I LOVE THIS ONE. I thonk this is my favorite of yours so far...

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your pencil and coloring techniques are exactly what I have tried to aim for years..
Also your art concepts are unique.


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Your style is amazing and this piece is one of my favorites.

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Deliciously Cthulhuesque! I love the contrast of the grotesque mollusc with the whimsical curly-Qs. Well done!

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Wonderful how many of your images are like doorways to other worlds, they make you think of what else there might be "round the corner" - and that's *before* reading the story.

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Just awesome Keith!

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Beautiful and the story brings it out deliciously.

Art at its best.