Nuked Moose by keith

Nuked Moose

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Added: Jun 13, 2005
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Sickened by radiation and scarred by biological and chemical weapons, this Bison Moose spends its short life madly attacking any living creature it comes into contact with. Drunken with pain and maddened by neurotoxins, this sad beast bays at the dusty sky where once the sun could be seen.

Blue colerase pencil and Photoshop.

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Awesome! Have you ever played Fallout 3? This looks like something you would find there (though maybe Bethesda should be asking you for tips!).

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do you have unchecked mental problems? if you find yourself drawing dead decaying bombed creatures i sugest you see your doctor imidiatly. have him/her check you for mental problems. Smile

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This is a hard work of art to look at, it so perfectly embodies what I think of as "wrong" and "evil". If you have never seen the movie 'Radio Bikini' I would recommend it. It is about nuclear testing. An astoundingly disturbing and eye opening piece of art.

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This image reminded me of a book I read about a post apocalyptic world. "Children of the dust" The moose certainly is pitiful, and your description draws from me a sense of pity for the animal. Its tortured existence is not it's fault and I found the look in its eye especially sorrowful. It's hideous but still has that innocent "dumb beast" expression.

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This is frightening! And wow, you have a great imagination

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Why does nobody kill this poor deranged creature!?!

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This is stunning. And very original!
Well done.

Art at its best.