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Added: Aug 12, 2005
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High priest and prime demagogue of a people displaced and driven into inhospitable salt plains. Disease and famine poised to kill the tribes to a man when the high priest declared that he would go alone into the salt flats, commune with the heavens, and return with the answer to their salvation.
Days later, when his desiccated form
reappeared on the horizon, he announced the discovery of a divine solution to their plight. He appealed to the medicine men to conduct a drastic form of trepanation on him. A large hole was cut into the top of his skull as his third eye with which he would commune with the heavens. After a day and night of mantras a holy pillar of light descended from the sky into the priest’s pate and burst forth from his face, removing much of it in the process. This beam of light acted as a guide to lead his people to a land of plenty. Once safe and settled, the priest announced that he was leaving, much to the lamentation of the saved tribes. It was blasphemy for him to dwell amongst them any further, he explained, for he had died on the first night he ventured forth into the flats to find his answer.
Blue colerase pencil and Photoshop.

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I love it! Great character

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Man you're so good!!! by the way, did you learn all by yourself or did someone teach you?

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nice story... i like the detail except the nose looks kinda like a pigs.

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damn not only does the art totally rule,but the story is like icing on a really good cake

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Great character! Love the face.

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i love all of your work, your style and stories that just go along with them are wonderfull and you are one of my favorite artists on epilogue for such great art you have posted

Art at its best.