My Little Feathered Friend by carles

My Little Feathered Friend

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 03, 2005
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My dear wife is an elf, but this ink and colored pencil drawing does not do her justice. --- Prints and Tee-shirts available at --- More art from Pierre Carles at

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carles's picture

Thank you Jill. I will try to put more birds in my work. Smile Hope to see new jewelry from you soon.

tatercat's picture

I'm big on feeding the this one touched me in a special way. Nice gallery!

carles's picture

Merci. Smile

Les coulerus de l'original sont un poil plus denses, en particulier l'oiseau qui est beaucoup plus lumineux. Mais, bon, le dessin a tellement d'autres défauts que c'est un détail. Merci d'avoir laissé ce petit commentaire. A bientôt sur Epilogue. Smile

stephane's picture

bien joué ce petit coté art nouveau!

carles's picture

Coming from the author of Wolfwind and The Grey Forests, this compliment really means something to me. I hope you'll share other of your wonderful pieces with us soon.

carles's picture

Thanks a lot Marley. I appreciate your comment all the more as I have been very impressed by your own gallery, which is so rich (I wish I was half as good as you as regards composition and color palette!). And seeing your amazing and complex Sci-Fi digital paintings, I would not have guessed you could be the least interested in my little fairies. I appreciate this a lot, really.

carles's picture

Err ... I guess you mean Epilogue Gallery, don't you ? Smile

Thanks a lot Samantha. I can't wait to see a new winged thingie in your gallery. Smile

carles's picture

Well, three pieces is not properly "massive", but thanks for the encouragement all the same. Smile It is very delicate of yours, Rita, to take some of your time to post a comment on almost every new piece that gets in. It is really comforting, all the more (I suppose) for newcomers like me (at the time I write this message, that is).

wayouteast's picture

Brilliant to see another of your lovely drawings make it in, Pierre! Congrats!

thrax-1's picture

I am really glad to see your works making it in, Pierre. I did stop by in the W.I.P forums. But generally, all things where said by the time that happens hhehe. This one is my favourite in your gallery. It's the soft shading and lighting you gave your partner. With the sharp outlining, it creates a rather unique aesthetic. Fantastic Laughing out loud.

squeaky's picture

Hurrah for me stumbling upon your Elfwood Gallery! (I was looking at new submissions and I was like hey I know that picture!)

rita's picture

But still she looks so lovely Pierre - your gallery is growing massive Wink keep on

Art at its best.