L'Enfant-Loup by carles


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Added: Jul 23, 2005
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It happened a few years ago, as we were hicking in the Alpes, my daugher and I, hoping to spot wild animals. She was only 6 at the time, but already patient and cautious enough to follow me and silently approach the ibexes or chamois we often met on our way during such hikes. But this time things were different: it was a couple of wolves we met. We observed them for more than an hour, and with patience and luck, we finally managed to come within 60 feet of them, for a very short time. And my little daughter was amazed to see with her own eyes, in the wild, the wolves she had been hearing of in so many fairy tales. She is living far away from me now, but this portrait of her as a wolf-child is here to help me remember this magical moment we shared. --- Prints, Tee-shirts and totes available at www.ellenmilliongraphics.com. --- More art from Pierre Carles at www.pierrecarles.com.

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carles's picture

Thank you. I appreciate your liking my work. Smile

carles's picture

Yep, those were colored pencils,but the oil-based ones, not the water soluble. They have almost a pastel feel to me, but with the precision that pencils allow. Thank you for the nie comment.

iolite's picture

did you use colored pencils for this. It is very nice. I particularly like the composition.

einherja's picture

Laughing out loud

carles's picture

Hi, Jarl. Thank you for the compliments (and my daughter will be proud too, although this drawing does not do her justice at all). I know the graphic style of Myazaki's Princess Mononoke, but I still have to see the movie itself. Never really felt a connection (conciously, that is), but I will dig into that. Thank you for the positive feedback. Smile

einherja's picture

i love this drawing--really. you have a very beautiful daughter.
em...have you ever seen princess mononoke?

carles's picture

Thank you very much, Sarah. I feel really glad if some of the atmosphere that particular day came through in that piece. I definitely will have to go hicking with my daughter more often ! Smile

stargirl's picture

That's a really precious piece. I think the feelings you put in it came through to make it even more beautiful. I adore how you do wolves, especially the one here.

carles's picture

Thank you Ida. Quite different from your wonderful digital characters, so I am glad you like it. Smile For some reason, this piece seems to be popular. Maybe it is because of the very personal story behind it. Who knows ? I should make more things driven by personal stories, maybe that would improve the quality of my production ! Wink

mizzdraconia's picture

wow, I absolutely love it Laughing out loud

carles's picture

Thanks a lot Ina. When I think of that particular day, it seems indeed like a dream.

inaspicer's picture

Wow! This is my favorite in your gallery here. Its dream like.
* perfect *

carles's picture

Thanks for the nice words. I am really happy if the piece conveys a story, because as you have guessed if you read the description, it is indeed related to a very personnal story. A very special moment in my life.

micross's picture

This is by far my favorite piece in your gallery. When I see it, it seems to tell a story. Wolves are my favorite animals by the way.

carles's picture

Thank you Kay. I know this is the kind of work you would probably refer to as "naïve", but it is the feel I wanted to give to it. Like an illustration for a children book, telling the wonderful story of a beautiful child raised by wolves, and all her adventures. My little one, far away from me.

Guest's picture

Oh Pierre this is stunning. What a lovely soft magical work.

carles's picture

Many thanks for the nice comment. I really loved your recent watercolor pieces, so it is nice to know you liked my little clumsy pieces too. Smile Yes, this picture is very special to me, because of the story behind it. Really one of the most intense moments I lived with my lovely little one.

crystalrose's picture

A beautiful image, and a beautiful story. Honestly, I've rarely ever seen such wonderful use of colored pencils.

carles's picture

Thanks for the nice comment. I guess your indecision would be solved with the original piece, where you can enjoy both the "big picture" and the tiniest detail at the same time. That's what I find so frustrating about pictures displayed on screens. People speak a lot of how a good composition can lead the eye to move around a painting, but besides this plane movement of the eye around the canvas, there is another one, a "third dimension", that can only be perceived in original pieces or very good prints: namely, the fact that in "real life", the viewer can choose the distance at which to look at the picture, and zoom in and out constantly to view small details or on the contrary to get a global impression. I guess this is something that will always make original or printed pieces so much richer than images displayed on screens. But back to you comment : thanks a lot for taking the time to write this nice note, such things are always a great motivation to start new pieces. ------ Boy, that was a long reply, wasn't it ?

Guest's picture

very nice, carles (or pierre).
i can't decide which one i like better, this one or the close up.

carles's picture

I'm glad you liked it Christy. Although I have not posted on your gallery yet, I visit it quite often, and so does my daughter: we're both fans. The Gnome's Garden is our favorite (along with Eclipse, which I just LOVE).

carles's picture

Thanks Uwe. I'm a big fan of your gallery, and of your website which is really appealing. Hey, people who read this message: go give a look at Uwe's website, you won't regret it ! And while you're at it, drop by Simon Dominic's one too. Smile

babs111's picture

I think this picture is a beautiful way to capture the moment; the soft colors and subtle shades are great, and I really like seeing how the colors blend with the paper.

j-art's picture

What a wonderful piece - so soft, so lovely - a real pleasure to look at! I love it....

carles's picture

I'll give it a try. Rita already sent me clues about various papers and their textures. Thanks for the comment Samantha, and for the encouragment all along the submission process.

carles's picture

Thank you Simon. I appreciate your comment all the more as your digital gallery is among my all-time favorites (but I've told you this already).

squeaky's picture

I still think it's stunning. The canvas texture is okay with me but I totally agree on trying so really smooth paper and see what nice realistic effects you'll get.

Guest's picture

Very nice, an accomplished piece. Well done on this.

carles's picture

Thanks a lot Rita. By the way, you'll have to tell me one of these days what types of papers you like best for colored pencil. I'd be curious to try them too.

rita's picture

Yep, wonderful painting Pierre!

Art at its best.