Count Vlad is back in town (detail) by carles

Count Vlad is back in town (detail)

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Added: Aug 27, 2005
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A scratchboard portrait of profesional model Jason Aaron Baca as Count Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula). The setting is inspired by typical Transylvanian architecture of the XIXth century. --- Prints, Tee-shirts and totes available at --- More art from Pierre Carles at

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carles's picture

Thanks a lot. Coming from a proficient illustrator such as you, it means much !

mr-bones's picture

Fascinating linework. Good stuff!

carles's picture

Thank you for leaving this nice note, Renata. I enjoyed the recent piece you added to your gallery too. Smile

queenofchaos's picture

This is so cool!

carles's picture

Thank you Sarah. I am happy that you recognized him at once. It is a good sign ! Smile May I see what you did of him too ? It is always very interesting to see several treatments of the same model.

prismranger's picture

I instantly thought this was Jason Aaron Baca... I too was asked my him to do some Artwork for one of his books. You really do a wonderful job with this medium, it has shadowing and depth just like it were created in pencils.

carles's picture

Thanks for the kind words. I do not think I truly have a wonderful talent, at least not when I compare my artwork with that of the talented people here. But I am happy that the piece appealed to you. And as for researching this piece ... nevasta mea m-a ajutat forte mult. Smile

dreya's picture

Firs of all, you have a wonderful talent! Secondly, I would just like to say how glad I am that artists like you actually take the time to research their pieces, and the true stories behind the myths and legends commonly portrayed. Being Romanian myself, I appreciate your take on the architecture, and the well thought out responses to other posts. Bravo Pierre, ai reusit o piesa interesanta!

carles's picture

Matt, it makes me immensely proud that you left a nice comment here. Your gallery was among the first I bookmarked, and your Contemplation d'Eté is probably my favorite piece. You are definitely one of my great source of inspiration. Thank you.

matthughes's picture

Very nice! I love the patterns!

carles's picture

Thank you. Yes, those scars made me think a lot beforehand, I feel happy if they work. Nice of yours to leave this kind comment.

gavinhargest's picture

Wow, I really dig your style, bravo. I love the way the scars stand out fro the rest of the contour lines.

carles's picture

Well, well ... Vlad Tepes was not really a count, but the prince of Walachia, a province now in Romania (that was in the XVth century). His father was Vlad Dracul, named after the Order of the Dragon (Dracul). Vlad Tepes is famous for having fought with success the ottoman empire (the turks), and prevented for some time their entry into christian Europe. But he is also famous for being awfully cruel and blood thirsty. Bram Stoker, the author of the famous novel Dracula, used this historical character as a source of inspiration for his vampire (changing the name Dracul to Dracula). He transformed this warrior prince into a Transylvanian Count, and set the story in the XIXth century instead of the XVth. So now you know the "real" story of Prince Vlad. Smile By the way, his name, "Tepes" (pronounced "Tse-pesh") does mean something too: it mean "Empalor" (his favorite game). Charming, isn't it ? Smile

Guest's picture

how can i get some information about count vlad! like where he lived from what year to what year and what was he famous for and many more

carles's picture

Err ... thank you for the compliment about my drawings, but as for settings ... I do not get what is wrong, sorry. Nu inteleg care e problema !

carles's picture

Glad you have a soft spot for scratchboards. So, when are you adding a scratchboard piece to your gallery ? I am sure you would do great, and that technique would surely fit your style and subject matters perfectly. Thank you for the nice comment anyway. I am working on another one right now. The idea is to make a girlfriend for him: he has been feeling alone these past months. Smile

yrindale's picture

Ah Pierre, I have a weakness for scratchboard. I do enjoy it a lot, and this detail shot is quite fascinating indeed. Awesome stuff Smile

carles's picture

Wow ! Thank you so much for the kind compliment. It is more than I deserve, but it's good to hear all the same ! Smile

Guest's picture

One of the best horror pieces I have seen, I applaud you!

carles's picture

Glad you like it Jason. But half the merit goes to the model ! Wink

Guest's picture

good work pierre . I believe we will go with this one for the book. The detail is wonderful and unusual for the standard that I get.
I will be in touch with you. Also thanks for listing this on here so I can see what others are saying about the work you did of me.


carles's picture

Thank you for posting a comment, Tom. Appart from being pleasant to receive positive feedback, it also enabled me to discover your interesting gallery.

carles's picture

A big thank you Rita. I sometimes wonder if it is not boring to visitors to have enlarged details of the main piece, but ... as for this one, I think it was somehow necessary: digitalization and thin linework do not mingle too well, and the 700 pixels limitation of Epilogue put too much of a constraint on the larger piece. Glad you liked it. Smile

portalrun's picture

Very cool tech..awesome details...

rita's picture

THanks for the detail - so wonderful!

Art at its best.