Count Vlad is back in town by carles

Count Vlad is back in town

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Added: Aug 27, 2005
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A scratchboard portrait of profesional model Jason Aaron Baca as Count Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula). The setting is inspired by typical Transylvanian architecture of the XIXth century. --- Prints, Tee-shirts and totes available at --- More art from Pierre Carles at

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carles's picture

Thanks a lot for the compliment. They say the devil is a charming man, don't they ? Wink

Guest's picture

you did a fantastic job on this . love the way you made him look almost like a demon!

carles's picture

Thank you Renata. Your recent pieces were among my favorite also.

queenofchaos's picture

Pierre this one is brilliant!

carles's picture

Branching out ... it's a nice compliment, really. Ever since I joigned Epilogue, I have been trying to push the envelopped a little bit further every time. I am desperately slow in that attempt, but if top artists like you see "something", then surely I am going in the right direction. Thank you Jeff, your comment was really appreciated.

thejeff's picture

pierre! i see by your gallery updates that you are branching out! this is a wonderful scratchboard, most especially as it was your first. the points of interest form a nice rhythm and the forms are thoughtfully rendered with evident skill. bravo!

carles's picture

Wow, now THAT is a great compliment. I am so fond of your gallery and its dark atmospheric mood that contributing even to a very small extent to your inspiration makes me very proud. Smile Too bad the copy you printed must be of a poor quality, given the resolution of the Epilogue picture. But just in case, Ellen Million markets hi-res professional-quality prints of that one, so if you ever get tempted ... Wink Thanks again for your kind comment, it made my day. Smile

goad's picture

I wanna see more like this. This is outstanding. I actually printed up a copy and keep it around when I'm painting... not to copy it or anything, but for inspiration and sorta like a quality yardstick kinda thing.

carles's picture

"Foreboding" is a description I really like. Thank you for your nice comment, it echoes what I wanted to convey with this piece. Bring us more of your wonderful pieces, Rochelle ! Best.

Guest's picture

I really like this one - I remember seeing it when you first uploaded it here. The linework makes it striking and utterly unique...there is something very powerful about the monochrome as well. I think it says foreboding.

carles's picture

Thank you William. I am no sculptor like you, but those scrathboards really make me feel like an engraver. I like that very much, it has a very stimulating "physical" component to it, very different from simply drawing. I guess this intimate physical contact with the medium is exactly what you experience and like in sculpture, isn't it ?

wsaloka's picture

The detail in your work is very deep.
The buildings in the background set the
mood perfectly.But, the musculature of
Vlad is truly masterful!

carles's picture

Thank you Kay. I really have this love-hate relationship with scratchboard. So proud when it is through, so tough doing it, that I always swear I will never start another one again ... and of course, leave me a month or two and I strive to start another one ! Silly, really ! Sad

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Uh oh...all of my comments before in your gallery must have not gone through. I know I commented before on this work. I absolutely think this is the best. Scratchboard is nearly impossible for me to do and wow. This is awesome. The perspective on. Great work.

carles's picture

Thank you Julia. I worked so hard on this piece that I am really glad it got such positive feedback. I hope to see more pieces of yours in Epilogue, now that you are back. Smile

carles's picture

Now that's a compliment if I know one. Thank you very much Susanne.

julchen's picture

Wow, it's amazing how he looks so three-dimensional! Incredible work with the lines, they follow the body curves exellently. Drawing from real models is quite an experience, I think (it was, at least for me^^). The background is also very nice.

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carles's picture

Many thanks Matt. I hope to see another of your imaginary landscapes soon.

rocket's picture

nice etch work. well controlled reflections/light. easy to overwork an etching - nicely controlled Smile

carles's picture

Many thanks for your nice comment Malcolm. Your joining Epilogue has brought a new and very personnal style to the galleries here, so your positive appreciation means a lot to me.

fantasist's picture

What a wonderfully atmospheric piece. A brilliant use of a difficult and very limiting medium to create eerie lighting that really fits the subject.

carles's picture

Thanks Carlos. My wife keeps telling me I should do scratchboard pieces more often. I may listen to her one of these days ! Smile

snow-owl's picture

Very good work, in the way you control light to reveal volometry and still keep it minimal.

carles's picture

A big thank you Patrick for taking the time to comment. I am such a fan of your gallery that your compliment means a lot to me. My favorite of yours is possibly "The bloated woman", but it is difficult to make a choice among such wonderful pieces. I advise anyone reading this reply to click on your name and enjoy.

megaflow's picture

Spectacular lighting! This is really fine work in a difficult medium, congratulations. I hadn't looked through your gallery before - really nice stuff here!

carles's picture

Hi Sarah. Thanks for the compliment. As for the controversy on Jason's proposal ... well, as I posted in the forum, I found it was a little bit exaggerated. There was definitely a good deal of clumsiness in the way Jason put things in the first place, but I do not think it deserved such a fuss. Anyway, it was fun and new for me to draw a muscular male model, so I have no regret that I went for it. As for selling the piece or prints of it, this is something I would be ready to discuss indeed.

Guest's picture

this is well made Pierre , lots of controversy with the model which means a lot will be talking to you . Is it for sale?


carles's picture

Thanks a lot Chris. And thank you too for your precious advice. Now, to visitors reading this comment: CLICK on Christine's name on the left and go visit her gallery: you will not be disappointed. Admirable work in every aspect.

griffingirl's picture

Congrats! I just knew it would get in...beautiful and unique job!

Art at its best.