Count Vlad is back in town by carles

Count Vlad is back in town

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 27, 2005
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A scratchboard portrait of profesional model Jason Aaron Baca as Count Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula). The setting is inspired by typical Transylvanian architecture of the XIXth century. --- Prints, Tee-shirts and totes available at --- More art from Pierre Carles at

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carles's picture

Thank you very much Simon. I will be curious, one day, to drop a scratchboard in the Lion's cage at the Botanical Garden of Paris (which is also a zoo, in case you wondered). I will sure post the result in Epilogue for your information (that is, if I can get the board back). Smile

Guest's picture

I tried a scratchboard once; the resulting picture looked like the board had been attacked by a lion. Excellent control and definition here, though, which lends a real solidity to the image. Great job.

carles's picture

Well ... it's just that it rained a lot in Romania, where I was these past weeks. So ... Wink Thank you James, I appreciate your positive comment.

somerset's picture

Outstanding piece, Pierre, you must be incredibly patient to create such fantastically detailed work such as this! Brilliant!

carles's picture

Thanks a lot Rita. As for the next one ... it may not be too soon given the time it took me to make this one. Smile I may go back to more "lazy" pieces for the next few ones ... or not. Wink

rita's picture

Pierre, it is just fantastic! Wonderful work - and regarding - it is your first try at scratchboard -well Pierre, now we wait all for the next ones!!!!

carles's picture

What I am REALLY proud of, very sincerely, is to have a positive comment from you in my gallery. Now a request to visitors reading this reply: click right away on Jessica's name and visit her gallery: you will not be disappointed. Thank you Jess for the positive feedback and for your help in the WIP.

carles's picture

Now THAT's a compliment ! Smile Thanks a lot Marley.

thrax-1's picture

That is fantastic work Pierre, what an amazing environment created. Count Vlad looks fantastic, and thank goodness he doesn't look cliche. A breath of fresh air ^^.

Guest's picture

You already know I think this is great work - I love the title, too! Definitely a piece to be proud of.

carles's picture

Thanks a lot Uwe. You know how I admire your work, so it means a lot to me. As for using scratchboard, well ... it was my first try at it, but I liked it very much. The slow and delicate scratching of those lines somehow gives you a sort of strong "physical" involvement in the piece. But the drawback is, obviously, the time it takes: definitely not for the impatient or for short-term commissions (this one took me around 50 hours).

j-art's picture

This is just amazing! I already saw it in the wip forum (yes I don’t say much there, but I’m always around Wink, I’m just not the right person for crits)
I never tried scratchboard, just one or two time in school I think – but now seeing your great creation I really want to try it myself one day – it looks really great! I especially love the line-work you did in this piece – veeery interesting. And the black from the scratchboard just fits perfect for your subject matter in this piece. Great work Pierrre – congrats!!!

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