Howling by carles


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Added: Jan 13, 2006
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Just another wolf-child. Season changed. --- Prints, Tee-shirts and totes available at --- More art from Pierre Carles at

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carles's picture

Many thanks for the nice words. Your own work is so delicate that it makes me appreciate your nice comment even more.

orafaerygirl's picture

Everlasting beauty; the call of the wild; exquisite work Pierre Smile

carles's picture

Thanks a lot. I recommend all readers to rush to Kundry's gallery and discover the marvels there. And thanks for the note in French. Wink

kundry's picture

I love it! I can hear the woosh sound of the blizzard, it's great.

carles's picture

Thank you. I aimed for an atmospheric piece with this one. With time, I feel I see its flaws more and more, but if you feel that it still conveys a particular atmosphere, then maybe the piece still stands in spite of its shortcuts. Thank you for the nice feedback.

leonardob's picture

Great image! I like the feelig in it! the sensation of transportation!

carles's picture

Thank you Mia. It took me ages to do that fur ! But then, I am very slow.

baileyaya's picture

I love the size of the girl in relation to the wolf and the detail in the fur. So cool!

carles's picture

I received much advice for this one from you Kay, so it owes much to you. And the snow owes much to Oleg too, who showed me the way when i was stuck.

Guest's picture

Oh you worked out the snow so well. What a beautiful work.

carles's picture

Many thanks Rita. Yes, first I was worried too about the girl. Smile But those elves have very weird metabolisms it seems, they can run barefeet in the snow and still remain pink and fresh. This little one has been here for over a month now, and she still does not seem to mind the cold. Smile

sade's picture

I didn't saw it yet!!!!!!
I love the theme, and execution, but i'm worry about one thing... the little girl will be frozen Smile (I love expecially her hair, and the wolf's fur turned out very "furish" too!)

carles's picture

Thank you Sarah. Quite a different atmosphere than your space paintings, isn't it ? Wink It is nice to share impressions with artists with so diverse styles and inspirationnal sources. This is what is so great about this place.

staylor's picture

Very very pretty, and a nice sense of atmosphere!

carles's picture

A million thanks for this comment James. Being a great admirer of your pencil pieces, it means a lot to me. Smile

somerset's picture

This is an amazing piece, Pierre, your skill with pencils is truly amazing, I love the snow effect (very difficult to achieve) such a beautiful ambience!

carles's picture

Thanks a lot Simon. Oleg's tips were much helpful as regards snow. And ... just in case you come by Paris, you can have a beer too ! Smile

Guest's picture

Rita beat me to it, so no beer for me. This is a great piece, Pierre, and I like the way you've done the snow - gusts of flakes instead of a uniform set of dots, like it's often portrayed. Excellent, keep it up!

carles's picture

A million thanks Kay. I needed your help and others' too to walk that extra mile.

Guest's picture

Ah I like the snow...nice movement to a beautiful piece. Taking a risk and going the extra mile always pays off. Even if something doesn't work you learn something. But you did the snow perfect my friend. Just the touch it needed.

carles's picture

Thanks a lot too Uwe. Without the little push in the back from the WIP, I would never have dared to add snow. Although it was my aim from the start, when everything was done I suddenly felt afraid to ruin it all by adding snowflakes everywhere. So it was good that I got encouraged into going that way all the same. That is also what I like in traditionnal media: you get a real thrill with every step you take. And sometimes you take just one step too much and the piece is ruined. Sad Hopefully it was not the case with this one. See you Uwe. Smile

carles's picture

Thanks a lot Cris. I am really glad you liked it and spent a little while leaving this nice comment. Smile

j-art's picture

Hi Pierre, I loved this since I saw it the first time in the WIP forum, glad you didn’t change too much as it was a good one from beginning on. Though I love the snow effect you added as it gives some great movement to the piece, good contrast to the static pose of the wolf and girl. A very atmospheric piece Pierre, great job!

griffingirl's picture

Great imagery! You can just imagine all the howling....the girl, the wolf, the wind...*thumbs up!*

carles's picture

Yes Rita, the free beer is for you ! Wink Do not worry, they sell plenty of german beers in Paris. Smile Thanks for commenting.

rita's picture

LEG LEG - ha ha ha - the free beer is for me! Wink
Like I said - its wonderful! And I am glad you didnt crop!

Art at its best.