Soul Devourer by carles

Soul Devourer

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 01, 2006
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Do not let yourself get trapped into her blank gaze, lest your soul be stolen and devoured. --- Scratchboard . --- Prints, Tee-shirts and totes available at --- More art from Pierre Carles at

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carles's picture

Merci mille fois pour ce beau commentaire. La carte a gratter est un medium un peu austere a l'usage, mais le resultat est toujours interessant. C'est particulierement vrai pour les originaux, car on arrive rarement a d'aussi forts contrastes noir-blanc avec un autre support. En tout cas, ces remarques positives me vont droit au coeur. A bientot.

bartha's picture

Originalité, qualité, ambiance... elle est tout, elle a tout. Cette oeuvre à pris son envol, elle vit par elle même, les commentaires sont inutiles. Bravo Pierre.

carles's picture

Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire qui me va droit au coeur. Smile

alexe's picture

J'aime l'atmosphère étrange et intimiste de cette illus. Belle gestion de la lumière et du détail.

carles's picture

Thank you Kirsi. A comment from you here is a real honor. Makes me happy. Smile

kizalon's picture

wow.. what an atmosphere.. the light in her thigh and chest and the gloomy mood of the piece is just amazing.. very fine technique, the lines look really dimensional and alive. Great job Pierre!

carles's picture

Merci. Mon modèle va être très fière ! Smile

stephane's picture

Belle ambiance Pierre , beau travail!

carles's picture

Wow ! Very nice compliment of yours. *blushing* Smile

queenofchaos's picture

I love the lighting! You have such a unique style! Never seen anything like it....really fantastic

carles's picture

A million thanks for this nice compliment Jessica. The comparison with a "page from a sinister book of alchemy" really made me think. I did not conciously perceive that special "artifactual" quality of the medium before, but now that you point to it, I am begining to see it in a different way. And it is definitely a very inspiring idea, so thank you twice ! Smile

Guest's picture

Sorry I missed posting on this treasure - I was out sick with the "comment bug." I'm so glad you are continuing to work in scratchboard - it has such an artifactual, artisanal feel to it, like a page from a sinister book of alchemy. Great perspective and light technique, great everything!

carles's picture

Hi Peter. Thanks for the kind words. A scratchboard is essentially a sheet of white and strong cardboard, coated with a solid thin black layer. You use it by carving lines in the black layer so as to make the white board appear underneath, using a sharp cutter. It is basically the same technique as engraving, only, with less expensive materials. Since you work with only two color values (black or white) and no mid-tone at all, you "mimic" midtones by playing on the thickness and proximity of the white lines. The trouble is, of course, that once a line has been carved, it stays where it is: no way to correct it (appart from small touch-ups with black acrylic, in extreme cases). Hopes this explanation helps. Best regards.

pegahoul's picture

Hi,Pierre. Thanks for your comment before.
Cool pic. Those lines make it really disturbing (in a good way ^^)

What's a scratchboard? (sorry... digital generation here ^^)

carles's picture

Many thanks Rachel. As a regular visitor to your gallery, your positive feedback is all the more important to me.

raich's picture

Very impressive work Pierre. Scratchboard seems like a very difficult medium, but you have definitely mastered it.

carles's picture

Many thanks for the nice comment Susanne. By the way ... how is Betty ? Wink

pennywise's picture

Wow, what masterful use of light, shadow and curves! Beautifully done!

carles's picture

Many thanks Jeff. I am a big fan of your action scenes myself (especially the one where the mantel clock turns berserk Smile). Thank you for dropping this kind note.

jeffdurham's picture

I LOVE scratchboard. This is terrific!

carles's picture

A-ha Saiklor ! Nice to see you here. Smile Thanks for the kind comment, I cannot wait to see the next piece in your "crazy hair" series. Smile

saiklor's picture

it's wonderful
and the skull is priceless
and everything else too, of course Wink

carles's picture

Wow Walt ! Very nice of yours to stop by and leave this kind message. Your gallery is so full of exceptional work that I am really happy you liked my work too.

baylessiii's picture

Incredible work! Brilliant use of a wonderful medium!

carles's picture

Well Meredith ... having a comment from you here means a LOT to me. As I told you once, you were my daughter's favorite artist from her book on watercolor fairies, and this is what drew me here, in Epilogue, a place which I did not know before. So many thanks for taking the time to comment here, it makes me immensely proud. And like my daughter, I too love your art.

kyrn's picture You've got to be crazy to use sratchboard.

carles's picture

Thank you Simon. I can tell you that my model too is REALLY happy the piece got positive feedback. Hope to see another of your strange worlds take shape soon.

Guest's picture

What a great piece, so simple when you examine it but with real impact and expression - Well done!

carles's picture

Many thanks Malcolm. The worst limitation of this medium, to me, is how slow it is. After too much time spent on the same piece, I start to lose my critical eye on it, and that is when severe mistakes may turn up. I did not quite avoid them on this one, but ... I am glad people seem to like it all the same.

carles's picture

Thank you Marley. Not that her forms need much accentuation either, but ... Wink

Art at its best.