Now come if you dare ... by carles

Now come if you dare ...

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Added: Jul 02, 2006
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Never mess up with Laure, young and deadly elf Shadowrunner (character commission). I feel very indebted to Kay Allen and Patrick McEvoy for their advice on this piece. Thank you both. Smile --- More art from Pierre Carles at

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carles's picture

Hey Sade, it has been a while ! How have you been ? Thank you for the comment. Smile

sade's picture

new from you Laughing out loud

carles's picture

Thank you Marcelo. When are we going to see another one of your nightmares ? Wink

tarkus's picture

Love the style of this one, and her pose.

carles's picture

Thank you Katerina. My watercolor skills are still not that good, but ... slowly I am improving, I hope. Smile

katerina's picture

beautiful watercolor skills!!
the backgorund is amazing so is the elf Wink Smile

carles's picture

lol ! Laughing out loud "The elf's scary hand", now what about that !? Your comment reminds me of that scene in Tim Burton's Ed Wood, where Martin Landau, impersonnating Bela Lugosi, teaches Ed Wood his "scary hand" trick. Smile Thank you for leaving a comment Jessica.

Guest's picture

Whoa! Her hand scares me. (That's a good thing). Nice anatomy work!

carles's picture

Uwe, you WIP-lurker as usual ! Smile Thank you for the kind words. It really is something to me to receive positive feedback from one of Epilogue's 3 most popular artists. Makes me feel very little and very proud at the same time. Actually, I should say from TWO of Epilogue's 3 most popular artists: I must not forget Kay. Laughing out loud

carles's picture

Thank you Marley. I really wonder what you could do with watercolors. You have such a sense of color in your digital works, I am sure that you would do marvels with the blending possibilities of watercolor. But indeed, you have to really plan ahead to get anything out of that medium. I you give it another try, please, show it to us in the WIP. Smile

carles's picture

Never really thought of it, but indeed, now that you draw my attention, I too find that there is something special about that theme of the "sword-wielding dame". Like the great example of Tolkien's Eowyn. Smile I guess the theme must be archetypal of the independant and strong-willed woman, the kind of women I like ! Smile And even if she is still very young, there is not a doubt that my daughter (the model) is independant and strong-willed indeed. Smile

carles's picture

I already thanked you in the description of the piece, Kay, but let me thank you once again for your advice. You made me avoid a couple of pitfalls when it was just a sketch. I think my next piece will have a simpler setting though. I painted enough windows on these flats for the rest of my life ! Smile

j-art's picture

Fantastic piece Pierre, i already saw it in the WIP forum and loved it at the first moment, great one!

thrax-1's picture

that is really tight work, pierre. truly beautiful environment for your character. I have infact given water colour a shot and it is not a forgiving medium by anymeans, gimme digi anyday. congratz on your latest piece, pierre....Marley

micross's picture

Wonderful. Glad this got in...there's something about dames wielding swords!

Guest's picture

Ta Da! looking good. knew it would make it. I really like this Pierre I think it is one of your best.

carles's picture

Yes Rita, she liked it very much (for those who are not aware, it is my daughter here, just aged a bit and turned into an elf). I know she will be all the happier that it got into my gallery. Smile Thanks for the kind words Rita.

carles's picture

Many thanks James. I am slowly realizing that painting at the request of other people is really good for me. If I stuck only to my own ideas, there are places where I would never go. And as a result, I would miss many opportunities to learn and progress.

carles's picture

Simon, many thanks for your compliment. But I will never dare paint again a derelict city after seeing your "Beastgasm" piece which came in today too. I was really struck, it is awesome. I cannot fathom how you do that !

carles's picture

Many thanks Tiziano. You almost make me wish Italy will win over France in tomorrow's game ! Laughing out loud Smile ... err ... not quite, though. Wink

carles's picture

Thank you Derek. I have seen your own piece that came in the same day as mine, that "post-modern geisha". It is a very interesting concept, beautifully rendered. I really advise visitors here to click on your name and go see it right away. Smile

rita's picture

She is so beautiful - the model and the painting Laughing out loud I like esp. how you could paint the mist and fog with watercolors. Wonderful work! Bet she LOVES it!

somerset's picture

Marvellous composition, Pierre, great character and I love the battle scarred cityscape!

Guest's picture

Great job and well done for getting in - about time too! Smile Love the environment, especially the derelict flats

Guest's picture

Congratulations!I'm glad you didn't give up on her, she has strenght, beauty and character, well done!

graysun's picture

Good job Pierre. I watched this one over in the WIP. You worked very hard on this one.

Art at its best.