UNREAL by aurory


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Added: Dec 15, 2005
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Well i dont know what to say. I cant give it any names and i have no words to describe. It looks unreal to me. So I call it UNREAL.

Have a good time. Hope u like it !

Close up of the girl : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v603/kooncat/UNREAL_closeup.jpg

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I LOVE it! It's so fun and mind boggling, yet at the same time it kind of makes sense... but then you blink and it doesn't, and you wonder what you were thinking... then you see it again. Smile (P.S. Yes, I probably am going crazy Laughing out loud)

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beautiful job, i like the idea...

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Just wanted to say, I've seen some damn good art in my day and yours has actually prompted me to reply to you. The detail you've put into all your work is spectacular to say the least. It's beautiful, moving and you've really got a hella lot of talent. Thanks for sharing it with us and plz keep up the awesome work! ^_^ Seripa_Lei

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The beauty caught me then I stayed for the concept. This piece could easily inspire stories. She remind me of me; caught in a day dream between different worlds. A truely wonderful place to be.
Oh and I don't think the hand shadow is too dark. ~DesignKat.

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it may look unreal, but it is very beautiful, good job.

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stunning as always! Smile I look forward to see your new work every time. Your great skills with skins and beautiful faces. The selection of colours are pleasant to the eye. This work was very cool, with both fishes and butterflies in the air, cool idea.

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very nice and fragile work.. Lovely skintones and composition Smile great surreal atmosphere.

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Very neat idea...great execution! The one thing I might tweak is that shadow under her hand...it's too dark. Draws the eye away from that exquisite face. If you soften the shadow I think it will allow the viewer's eye to travel through the piece instead of stopping dead on that linear dark. I still love the painting; it has an iconic quality!

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this is my fave kind of fantasy art and an excellent piece aswell! great great great

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wow, what an amazing composition! so detailed and colorful.

Art at its best.