All in unity by maffet

All in unity

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Added: Aug 29, 2005
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This was CD cover of metal band. Their music was inspirated by many cultures from east to west, so they asked me to paint Symbol with shinning light in the middle - but all cultures must be included in wheel of unity. Oh Gosh! It took me some time to put it all together. But there is a bit of China (jing jang dragons, a bit of India (lotus flower), Egypt (boat of Ra), Celtic, Slavic, some marks of middle american cultures (two faces) and you can find there some details from vikings too. Again mixture of acryl and watercolors on paper - so combinated technique

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Awesome piece, would you mind if I used it for a tattoo on me ?

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I plan to have this one as a tattoo on my arm. Have you drawn anymore similar to this one?

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and u should make should...please! hehe Smile

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the thought u put behind this,the way u put it all together, and the quality of the painting is just amazing. your awesome!

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an epic piece truley lovely

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this would make a lovely midalian

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Hello Anna, Thank you Smile Btw. I dont like death or doom metal too much, but this CD was very good.

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You certainly did an amazing job in merging so many cultures into one piece of jewelry! I'd love to see this done in cold hard gold...Oh and Metal Forever!!!

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ڞasnì vystínované, kov prostì vypadá jako kov. A hlavnì mᚠvýborný cit pro barvy, detail a ornamenty.

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Hi hi ... you targeted that. Exactly. When I was painting this I imagined that I am archeologist and just uncover some tomb from Atlantis. That's why painting this kind of art is so funny

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Thank you Liptak, I have seen your work and I love your sence for details and great work in patterns. I think we have similar feeling because our love for alfons Mucha Laughing out loud But I haven't so great patience as you Smile

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Your symbolic art is near to me. I like your themes, compositions, and those awesome ornamental details. Great work, grats!

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This painting is owe-inspiring and breathtaking! It remids me of an artifact from the ancient toomb of a forgotten ruler of a long lost civilization... I am at a loss for words...

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Band name was Lykathea Aflame. They played some kind of mystical doom metal. Something like band: Moonspell on their first CD. Lol! Thank you, I am happy that you like it. Well, I would like to design jewelry, but I am affraid, this things would be a bit hard to do in reality or it would be expensive. Smile

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What band was it? amazing image

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I second Tom! Think about! This is so great. Love the colors, too

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More beatifull work.. you must design actual jewelery.. if not you should look into it I think...very cool acrylics!!

Art at its best.