4 skulls by stevenadams

4 skulls

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 11, 2006
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started life as a tattoo design

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You too!!!! Cheers.

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glad you like it!

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it would!? it started off as tattoo flash. but i supose you could be right there. go for it, if you have a bike give it a go, just send me a photo!

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This is worth mor tan being a tattoo but it would something awsome to put on a black truck or a black mustang

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i'd very much like to do album art,calenders! postcards!! posters!!! book covers!!! i'll do anything! on a personal level, i'd rather be an artist and earn enough to get by on (not worried about the rich and famous)than do the unrewarding rubbish that i do to survive. i've left no footprints in the snow and it gets right up my nose!!!!

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Really like this one... wish I had a poster of it.
With talent like yours Steve you really outta be very rich & famous. Would you not do album art etc.?
In the words of Monty Burns, 'Excellent'

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jewelry, never thought of it that way before. could work...!

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Cool work Steve! has a dark metal feel to it for me, the fork tongue is a nice touch, great design and illustration I think this would make an awesome piece of jewelry..

Art at its best.