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Added: Nov 15, 2006
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This was an experiment using photographic reference material as the starting point for a picture. As I painted it, everything got changed in some way: the house became overgrown and falling apart, the undergrowth crept over everything, the statue became the ghost in the doorway, and the atmosphere took over the colouring to end up with what you see.

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I love this picture. Looks like you could step inside and approach the house.

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Thanks very much. The picture was based on a number of photos and I had to use my imagination to fill the areas obscured by canopies and foliage.

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I remember a trip to Eureka, CA and the sheer awe that came over me when I saw the Carson Mansion for the first time. You've captured a dark essence of the mansion that is just as awesome as it is standing outside the gate, looking in.

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Thanks Steve. I am working hard at the digital painting, but I still miss the brushes and paints.

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hi malcolm,
beautiful haunting piece,
i like the lighting you have used together with the composition,
i'm glad to see you are enjoying the digital medium,
take care,

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Wow! Thanks for all you have to say, Uwe, I really do appreciate it. I am fascinated by your account of your new toy - I must start looking for things that might interest me. The ability to create imaginary landscapes sounds fascinating.

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Thanks Pierre. I am actually looking at the possibilities of Mary Shelley at the moment. I don't know if anything will come of it.

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Ok my previous post was obviously too long so here is the rest Smile:
So to come back to your painting, all I wanted to say is that I’m really impressed by the quality of your piece knowing you just started with digital medium. But this just proofs once again, if someone is able to draw and paint and learned it form the basics on it really doesn’t matter which medium he uses, the results will always be amazing.
Really fantastic work Malcolm!

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Ok now that I’m in your gallery this piece has to be really from you. Malcolm Brown is going digital! So cool!
Malcolm this is an really amazing piece, you mastered the digital medium very fast and I can’t wait to see the stuff you produce in future using the digital medium. Isn’t it an amazing medium, it makes so much more possible than the stiff old traditional color and having so much control over every bit of a painting is what I really love at digital painting.
I for me just got myself the latest version of Vue Infinite (a 3d application), I cant tell you how much fun it is to play around with this new toy, and I think I already found a way to use/implement it into my 2d digital paintings. This tool opens completely new horizons to me, I now can create complete landscapes perspective correct and never ever will have to reference on photographs, it is much more satisfying to me to use something for reference for my paintings that I build myself just out of my imagination than to use a photograph as reference. AAAA I talk to much, but you see I’m really happy about my new toy Wink.

So to come back to your painting, all I wanted to say is that I’m really impressed by the quality of your piece knowing you jus

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Great atmosphere again, gothic horror in the classical sense of the term. You really must be one big fan of Edgar Allan Poe ! Smile Now, what about a Mary Shelley-inspired piece, or something out of Arthur Machen's Great God Pan ? You would do marvels !

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Thanks, Matthew, that's a real compliment coming from an expert like yourself.

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As Rita said, very different from your other work. Painting digitally can open up so many possibilities and its such good fun. I love what you have done with the house... very creepy. Really nice work.

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Thanks, Rita. Yes, I am experimenting with new techniques and new ideas at the moment, particularly in the world of digital art, which I am only just beginning to get to grips with.

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Malcolm, this is so different from the work I know from you. Like that mood.

Art at its best.