Shrouded example page 03 by snarx

Shrouded example page 03

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 26, 2005
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An example page from my comic.

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Okay, quick suggestion. When you do the shadow of the wolves on the ground, try to make the shadow look like its actually casting on the grass. What I'm trying to say is, give the rim of the shadow the texture of the grass, so that it looks more blendid into the blades of grass. That is sooo hard to explain. I doubt you even know what I'm talking about. Sorry. Well, think of it this way. If that's the worst thing I can say about your drawing, then your a pretty wonderful artist. I just tried to give you a helpful critique with telling you how absolutly gorgeous it looks. I should know talent when I see it-I'm writng my first manga, and I know how hard it is to produce such powerful images.

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nice work

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Looks great, as always!
Nice to see you at Epilogue! Smile

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Oooh such a fab page. Lots of growly snarly wolves, how could I not like this! I feel so priveledged to have received a copy of this comic already.... wonderful, wonderful work! Laughing out loud

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Lovely work, Vanessa! great dramatic tension! good luck with your comic!

Art at its best.