DragonTamer by graysun


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Added: Feb 04, 2006
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This is a painting I did based off a pencil drawing. I mainly look at this piece as an experiment. For the most part just trying out some different techniques and what not. I spent a long time working on it. Definitely above 30 hours. Some areas I think are successful, while others at least helped me figure out problems I can work on. Content-wise I think there are some elements that could be seen as a little cliche', but it'll do for the purpose of this painting.

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Man i love this picture, I have based a whole book series just on this painting, thank you. I hope you dont mind.

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Apparently the the dragon has burned the town down..my question to you (even though its a painting) ... is the girl in it blind!!

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I'm absolutely inlove with this piece of art. It's absolutely wonderfull! There's a story in this. I love the smoke, comming out between the dragons teeth. It's just beatutiful...

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I just LOVE the Dragon....Nice work!!!

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i absolutely love the picture. although it made me laugh when i first saw it because it looked as though the dragon was oggling her massively endowed chest. i love the shadows on her face ((needless to say the dragon is ephing awesome)) and the detail in the background is breathtaking

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I have spent the last few weeks doing nothing but copying art off the internet and I must say if I was well off I'd get a framed picture of every one of your increadible pieces of artwork. An experiment I dont think so. The background is perfect, its pleasing to the eyes but dosnt quite catch your attention as much as the Dragon and Elf do. I think if you took a poll as to which people look at the most, the dragon or the elf it would be close to a tie. Your works are breaktaking and definatly going under a folder titled my favorite artist. Please keep me informed of all your works and success, may you become a household name Derek. Lionoleo@yahoo.com

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some very nice detail

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Fantastic piece!!

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Absolutely brilliantly amazingly jaw-droppingly beautiful.

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I love this pic. I might want to use this for a story I am writing.

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Hey Uwe, thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for your reply on Painter as well. I noticed those watercolors were trying to kill my little computer. lol. I'm definitely gonna have to get a bigger machine. Anyways, thanks for the wonderful compliments. I'll make sure to keep a look out for some more of your awesome work. Thanks.

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Sorry seems I didn’t comment on this, so I definitely have to do it now. This is a pretty awesome piece, top notch rendering and the dragon just looks fantastic. A very strong image – I love it!!!!! All the detail in the background is a real feast for the eyes – wonderful work!!!!

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Thanks Tom, I appreciate it.

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I dont think the dragon is looking at her face Wink

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Great work!!Really like the characters..an awesome dragon profile...and beautiful elf..

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this is really good. i love how you did the dragon! i'm new to this site and i think that i might join because there are really good artists that i can chat with. i love your painting!

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Thank you Nuria, I appreciate it.

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Thanks Rita. The dragon is probably the part I'm happiest with.

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Derek, this is awesome - i love esp the dragon!

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Well, well, well... what we have here. Interesting.

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Art at its best.