The Opportunist by sunrise

The Opportunist

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Added: Nov 02, 2005
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Inspired by a scene from Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain: In the first chapter of The Book of Three, Taran takes advantage of Dallben's nap to attempt a peek inside the magic book...a rash action that will presently have dire consequence.

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Hi Dawn! Thanks for visiting!

Well, I don't know how helpful I can be - my website has been down for a while because it wasn't paying for itself. It can be a challenge to make a profit online if nobody gets to your site. I have not tried selling prints through epilogue because I didn't like the thought of them taking a commission, but as my husband says, zero percent of zero is zero, so perhaps I should consider it.

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond; I haven't visited this gallery in some time.

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Dawn Davidson (2) (LOL!!!) FORGOT TO LEAVE MY EMAIL!!! If you want to contact me, my email is, i can sometimes be SO DORKY!!! hehehheheh

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Hi i think you are wonderful!!! M y name is dawn davidson also, and i am am an artist (student) too, although i am nowere near as good as you.... I also don't have a web site yet, and was wondering how much you pay, or how big of a % they take if you sell any work through this web site....I would be very interested to talk with you!! Hope you are well! Dawn Smile lol

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~Whispers to the boy trying to take the book~''..take it.take it..!'' teehee^^() Anyways Great job on pic^^

AngelUsako Smile

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as you glance at the picture .. imagation the intense feel of it . being very sneaky,quiet, as the wizard naps,biting the lips is intense..
Excellent Capture of a Thief ...

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I'm honored by the request, but as I'm already pushing the limits of copyright by doing unauthorized book art, i.e: these are not my characters, I'm not sure it would be prudent to allow it to be used elsewhere.

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It's my favorite thing to do. Thanks for visiting!

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I like your work, and If possible would like to use your picture in a rule book for a game I am creating for a Larp. contact me if you like at

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Love the book! Great image you did here! It's always fun to let scenes from a book come alive!

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Thanks again, Scott. This piece went through a lot of evolution in value structure, so I'm encouraged by your notice of that aspect!

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I love bringing characters to life by nailing an expression. Glad you like it! Thanks!

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A great story deserves great imagery. Thanks!

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Thanks muchly. I seesawed around on the light effect, wondering whether to include it or not, but I think it does add drama, even though it masks a bit of detail.

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Great use of light and shadow. Your painting really captures the scene you described. Very nice work.

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I love the theif biting his lip! I've seen that look on my kids...hell, I do it too! Not that I do what I'm not supposed

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Cool work! and great story telling image...

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Wonderful - love the light!

Art at its best.