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Added: Mar 24, 2009
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Media: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 40" x 62"
Date of Work: 2008
This is a painting that I have had in my head for many years... "Dali" is a tribute to The Father of Surrealism; To the Human mind and its ability to effect the cosmos; To the torture and martyrdom we engender to other living creatures in the name of science, and finally to my art and my own brand of Environmental Surrealism. As I grow older I notice myself contemplating my work and it's content more than I used too. I have been traveling to different cities and listening to so many different opinions about my art... I have come to realize we live in a time where thr line between art and design have become blurred. I have heard so many times that my work is grotesque and there fore it's not art... I find these people to be insipid and common. Does something have to be beautiful for it to be art? Is that my job as an artist to create beautiful things? In that I ask myself what is beauty, and further can it be created? If I wake in the first day of Spring to find a Daffodil that has pushed through the earth and is speckled with jewels of dew... do I paint that? No! It already exists without me, the Daffodil needs not an artist, it already exist! Is it beautiful? Yes beauty resides there for a few days till it shrivels and falls from the stem. If I am successful as an artist each painting I create shows a part of my soul. I am not only interested in flowers and sunsets, but in ART. As an artist I create that, that has never existed before. With "Dali" I have recognized my importance as an Environmental Surrealist, and the need to give a touch of beauty where needed, while recognizing the bizarre, and bringing to light the sickness and loss our existence bestows. -Robert W. Walker

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such an entrancing piece of art Smile

Art at its best.