Thunderous Trash Gargantuan by eriboss

Thunderous Trash Gargantuan

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Added: May 26, 2006
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DONG- the church bell strikes, breaking the sticky silence of Agginsmouth, with its echoic metallic cry

DONG - it strikes again cold and eerie across the morning air. Birds squawk and fight.

DONG - again it cries, this time louder and coupled with a terrible stench...

A relentless thundering rumble shakes the sleepy village to its very core - as if the devil himself had climbed up from the black fiery kingdom of hell and danced his merry dance upon the pathways and ports, rooftops and rafters.

This sound was not welcome at all.

The Crashing increases in both volume and tempo, and there - through the thick hazy sunlight, the perpetrator reveals himself, covered in archaic remnants of a thousand years, clanging an oblivious clang from the church bell and steeple embedded in its head.

These giant beasts, named in fables as Trash-gargantuans, due to the ever growing amount of collected debris and rubbish stuck to their bodies, were said to have lived in the dark valleys, thousands of years ago. Every hundred years or so they would appear, bursting forth from the ground, in which they had laid dormant, hibernated without detection for all this time, and clamber through the hills, taking anything in their path with them...

They would journey to another spot, one of some secret significance, dig themselves a giant hole and lay themselves down to sleep... Anyone or thing that was unlucky enough to be caught up in the journey could use this time to get out because soon, these giant monsters would let out an almighty roar - shaking the rocks and earth around them so hard it would fall down on top of them, covering them (and anything attached to them) up, for another hundred years or so - until they decide to rise up once again for this baffling desctructive ritual.

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I think this fabulous piece of art will be able to fill my exhausted soul with fresh inspiration. Thank you!

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great job! this really made me laugh, his way of walking is really... ummm.. uncommon Laughing out loud! - brilliant concept and story behind it too -

Art at its best.