Dreamer in the Dark by klturner

Dreamer in the Dark

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 23, 2006
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Artwork Description

This baj-relief sculpture is my portrayal of a shoggoth. I wanted to incorporate the sculpture into the frame, as if the frame were part of the amorphous creature itself, and thus make a baj-relief that could be hung without any further treatment. Sculpted in wax, cast in mixed media (resin, hydrostone).

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gavinhargest's picture

Coolness! I wouldn't mind that hanging on my wall Smile

wsaloka's picture

Cool!! Very archeological in a
"Lovecraftian" sort of way....
Nice textures.

scourge's picture

Thanks for helping me out there! I really appreciate it.
It's just that I heard of this thing called a Shoggoth in this computer game this friend had called Daikatana. Thanks!

klturner's picture

Thanks, Pierre. Ion, a shoggoth is a creature from the works of author H.P. Lovecraft. It is basically a bioengineered servant race created millions of years ago by another ancient race of beings. The shoggoths eventually turned on and destroyed their creators. The interesting thing about shoggoths is that they are amorphous entities without a distinct physical form- they can spontaneously form or absorb eyes, mouths, appendages or whatever e

scourge's picture

Could you enlighten me on what exactly a Shoggoth is?

carles's picture

Again, a very convincing Shoggoth. Smile Amorphous as it should be !

Art at its best.