Three wishes. by faerywitch

Three wishes.

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Added: Jan 02, 2007
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You walked in the thent, the smell of incense and myrr took over you. You looked around, but despite of the rich looks of the clothes and pillows you couldn't spot anything of value. Dissapointed, you turned around to leave, it was going to be another unsuccessful night. Suddenly, among the big colorful pillows, you saw a not very interesting bottle. you took it, and examined it with little interest.
Suddenly a thought passed through your mind. You've heard of tales where gennies lived in bottle. Feeling rather silly you rubbed the old metalic surface and to your surprise two big green eyes bliked in the middle of a purple haze. You stepped back scared, but a smiley woman was offering you three wishes...

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faerywitch's picture

Thank you a lot Katerina!

katerina's picture

beautiful colors and pose!!!!

faerywitch's picture

The graden I purposely wanted to get it dark and low contrast, as to insinuate hig light inside the tent that was brighter than the moonlight outside.
The deeper contrast in her is something to consider. I might play with it further and see how it works.

Guest's picture

Colorful and interesting, especially the sharp angles of the smoke tail and the locks. I get the feeling, though, that it needs to be... fuller? Pressing out on the viewer some more. Perhaps deeper contrasts on the hair, the face, the garden, the left side of the torso. It asks for some kind of depth.

faerywitch's picture

Thanks Carles, I'll do my best!

faerywitch's picture

^-^ I believe that you already have that bottle! You have talent, and imagination, and you're kind... what else can you wish for?

carles's picture

Good to see it came in. A very nice piece, keep them coming ! Smile

rita's picture

Constanza, this is so charming and wonderful - where do I find that bottle? Laughing out loud

faerywitch's picture

Laughing out loud Thank you!!!! You were a great input in this one, and I thank you inmensely for it! The tassles after all were your idea! Wink

faerywitch's picture

Thank you, Sabra! Actually I always rather milder colors, but oriental themes deserve bright colored pics. Smile

Guest's picture

This is Cynthea/Saiklor, just dropping a note to say I *love* it and I'm superhappy to see it graduate from the forums to the galleries! yayyyyy!

(and the gold tassles do look *wonderful*, if I do say so myself Wink)

krumm33's picture

wonderful geenie!!! i love the colors and the style!!

Art at its best.