Toaster Passes the Eagle Nebula by robertlee

Toaster Passes the Eagle Nebula

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Added: Feb 27, 2006
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marikobard's picture

Hey Robert,
Great work and concept.

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If you don't mind i'd like to sugest another title like: "the ultimate Toaster" or even better: "the GODLIKE Toaster"... No, just joke, don't care. To me the picture has some sort of a very crazy Joke. In three words: I LIKE IT!!!

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Reminds me of the fate of the Talkee Toaster from Red Dwarf LOL I love it .... great pic Robert

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Ok, I could be completely wrong but is this taken from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy? Surely that is the improbability drive in action?

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its a toster i want a amintyvill toster lol

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I disagree to the kitsch comment. To me it suggests some sort of intergalactic commercialism. You see, I once had this idea for a painting where this can of soda was floating in front of a huge bright nebula or galaxy which was sort of a warning of how humans can't control from spreading out into the universe and in turn contaminating space with their garbage(which I think may happen someday). So your picture has very nice symbolism and the two subjects contrast in a bizarre way. Thumbs up man!

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i think the toaster makes it kitsch, whereas the nebula is quite beautiful. Nice transparency on it though.

vision's picture

Interesting image.

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Acrylic you must have alot of nerves to be able to paint this.this is really time consuming.

dj-1's picture

Aaah! So this is how the mighty Toaster looks? Finally caught on a picture!
Great work, Robert!
// DJ

daniela's picture

what is that toaster doing there? great painting, anyway! D.

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It reminds me of a screensaver I had on my pc years ago! Great! Smile

Art at its best.