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Medea was a devotee of the goddess Hecate, and one of the great sorceresses of the ancient world. She was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, and the granddaughter of Helios, the sun god. She killed a lot of people including her two sons by Jason (of Argonauts fame). But some how she always got away, kind of an odd myth.

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a wonderful painting. not really an "odd myth" though:
she was betrayed by Jason after she betrayed her family and country for love for him. she helped escape death on several occasions, and thus she became an outcast throughout the Aegean. Jason left her for another woman, and so she took everything from like he had done with her. this included his children. she got away with it because she took refuge as a guest (and was therefore protected under the bonds of guest friendship) in Athens.
a great myth, and a wonderful painting!
was it Euripides' where you got your inspiration? the emotions you have show in her expression are a mirror of the inner conflict she shows in the tragedy.

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yeah she did become a bit crazy but can one blame her for that when the whole thing was started when her husband (who she had given up everything for, her family, her people and she had given him two healhty sons) tells her that he is gonna marry som younger prinsess and that she (medea) is gonna have to give up her life as his wife. The sad thing about it is that she loves her kids alot but she kills them because she want Jason to feel the same pain that she feels. The story about her is really good in the way that while you know that Medea is the bad girl you still hope that she will win. Great painting by the way, you have captured the darker parts of her soul perfectly.

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Fantastic painting

Art at its best.