Conan: The Roleplaying Game by cquilliams

Conan: The Roleplaying Game

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Added: Apr 12, 2006
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This is the very first Conan cover I worked on and was also used in a later second printing called the Atlantean Edition. I was still trying to decide on Conan's proportions here. With this version I tried exagerating the limbs, but didn't quite think it was 100 percent successful so I decided with later covers to have him a little less lanky. I also have some of influence from the John Milius film here.I kind of wanted it to be a mixing pot from different sources.

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Yeah I've heard that was a great school myself, at on time I was even thinking of going myself. But decided to stay in Canada.34 isn't that old. Smile

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I'm finding it hard to locate any schools near me, or in the country for that matter, that offers true illustration majors. It seems like illustration is a dying art, at least in colleges and universities. I surmise illustration is being replaced by digital media. So far the most appealling true school of illustration that I have found is the JOE KUBERT SCHOOL OF CARTOON AND GRAPHIC ART. There is some very impressive art and alumni being produced there. Its where I wish I could go even though I'm an old codger at 34.

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I went to the local university graduating with a degree. I majored in Graphic Design because it was the only way I could concentrate on illustration. Some of the work I plan ahead for( thumbnails, color guides) and some of it comes to me when I'm painting. Smile

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I wonder what art school you studied at Mr. Quilliams? I love your textures and composition, and the costumes, egads, there must have been some serious planning involved in these paintings. Awesome stuff.

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I especially like the composition here, it is really powerful.

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Thanks guys! Smile

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What colors! And the detail, paintings like this set the bar for the rest of us!

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Incredible!! Man your stuff is so awe inspiring, thanks so much for posting it here!

Art at its best.